Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Wanted: People who rock.

Here's the deal:

There's a pirate radio station here in LA called Little Radio. It originally launched for a test run back in February, and it looks like the kinks have been pretty much been ironed out and it'll be back on the air for good soon (or till the radio police come). For those of you who can’t wait, it IS streaming right now here.

On Wednesday nights, starting in April, Little Radio is going to have showcases at Fais Do Do here in LA. If you’re a band of the indie rock, pop or hiphop genre and can draw 100-150 people, then here is your chance to book a show.

If interested, e-mail or and tell ‘em I sent you.

Slow to post since I'm still playing that addicting penguin game from yesterday

But in the meantime, this site is genius. Thanks to Casey from Tale of Two Cities for letting us know about it. I knew Silverlake had become a haven for yuppies, but now I have the proof.

In the meantime, Ryan sent me this story titled "50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers." Some people listed: Sofia Coppola, Drew Barrymore & Fabrizio Moretti, Chuck Klosterman, The Hilton Sisters, David Cross, Choire Sicha, and Janeane Garofalo. I guess you're nobody until somebody hates you. Don't worry, Choire and Chuck, I still love you.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Yet another way to procrastinate

Thanks to my cousin Bobby for sending this. So much for getting any work accomplished today.

Why did it look like Jamie Lynn DiScala had chew in her lower lip in the Heidi Fleiss TV movie?

Last night, I got a last minute offer to see Nellie McKay. Since it was an early show, and wasn’t going to interfere with my trashy TV watching, I attended. Due to laziness, I have to compare her to other well-known female musicians who play the piano. Norah Jones and Fiona Apple come to mind. I guess if these three were to become a hiphop group a la TLC, Norah would Cool, Fiona would be Crazy, and I guess Nellie would be Sexy by default. She’s not sexy though. Nellie is a 19 year old piano wiz who looks like a 1950’s housewife. She has her own style of show tunes meets sarcasm meets Mary Poppins. Even though I tend to sway towards the indie rock, Nellie had me leaning closer to make sure I didn’t miss one note. Her voice is amazing, full of personality, and almost spellbinding. She even managed to get an LA audience to do a sing along. Shocking. And I didn’t imagine her getting eaten by zombies once during her performance. Listen to her here.

Jack Black will be in the new King Kong movie. And no, he isn’t playing Kong. He’s a leading man now, yo.

Jason Patric was arrested for public intoxication in Austin. Didn’t someone tell him sxsw is over? In related news, I love The Lost Boys. In further related news, I love Kiefer Sutherland more.

Monday, March 29, 2004

On Tap

I saw Dawn of the Dead this weekend and I can’t stop thinking about it. I even dream about it. During the opening scene, I screamed. Then the credits came up and I thought to myself how the hell am I going to make it through 2 hours of this? I constantly looked at my watch throughout the movie, not because it was boring or bad, but because I wanted to see how much longer I would have to endure the hell that was on the screen before me. These kinds of horror movies stress me out. But then again, Leave It To Beaver stressed me out as a kid too. Why did the Beav always have to get himself into those jams? I hated it. And I hate the idea of locking yourself in a mall while thousands of zombies are waiting outside to eat you. Waiting to die—I don’t get it. Just shoot yourself already. End of film.

On a related note, I was down in San Diego on Saturday night to see N.E.R.D. and the Black Eyed Peas (going to this show was not my idea). NERD didn’t go on until 2:30am. I was miserable. I’m still sick, mind you. All I wanted was to be home in LA in my bed. Instead, I was at an annoying hip-hop show surrounded by boys in khakis and girls in halter tops. To entertain myself, I imagined zombies coming into the theater and eating all the concert goers. I was omniscient, of course, so I remained unharmed. When Pharrell sang his song about liking a girl’s brain, it was all I could do to not laugh thinking he was singing about eating her brain instead of appreciating her intellect.

Monday, 3/29
The Von Bondies @ The Troubadour
I wouldn’t recommend paying to see this band, but if you’ve got the free hook-up, then it’s worth it.

Modest Mouse @ House of Blues
Yes, the Mouse is playing LA again. It’s a simple case of supply and demand.

Nellie McKay @ Knitting Factory

Heidi Fleiss movie on USA @ 9pm
For some reason I am drawn to this trashy tv movie. I’m so watching it.

Tuesday, 3/30
The Breeders @ The Troubadour

Kennedy @ The Fold
Silverlake’s rockstar who happens to live in Burbank. Go figure.

Nellie McKay @ Largo

Wednesday, 3/31
Sea Ray @ Spaceland
They have someone in the band who plays the cello. I love the cello.

Kristin Engisch’s Birthday!! Happy Birthday Kristin.

Thursday, 4/1
Fuck Cancer @ Spaceland
This is the only show you should concern yourself this night. It’s for a great cause and The Breeders, Lou Barlow, Har Mar Superstar and some special guests will perform. Advance tickets are sold out, but tickets will be available at the door the night of the show.

The Liars @ The Troubadour
So you didn’t get into the Fuck Cancer show. Ok, you can go to this one instead.

Glastonbury tickets go on sale.

Friday, 4/2
Sun Kil Moon @ The El Rey

Saturday, 4/3
The Elected/Azure Ray @ The Troubadour
I LOVE the Elected’s debut. Hear it here.

Nick Oliveri @ Spaceland
Go and ask him exactly what happened between him and Josh and the future of Queens of the Stone Age. No really, do it. I’m sure he’ll love it.

Sunday, 4/4
Daylight savings time.
We lose one hour, so stay home and try to make it up.

Friday, March 26, 2004

I'm not dead... yet.

I'm home sick again so this will be quick because I need to get back to bed.

Went to The Von Bondies in-store last night at Amoeba, accompanied by the brilliant Bunsen, and decided that they are a band that have potential but for now are falling short. They obviously can write a great song, but the rest of their repitore sounds a bit repetitive. Work on that VB, ok? You're better than that.

Also heard that Jason Von Bondie will have permanent damage from the beating he took from Jack White. Turns out his perception and vision is all out of whack. I think he just needs a haircut and he will be able to see better, but that's just me.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Two bloggers walk into a bar…

Jessica Blueprint and I took in the Cooper Temple Clause show last night. We could tell they weren’t up for a little audience participation banter, so we didn’t really scream anything out to them. I know, I know… two female bloggers in a bar together watching cute British boys play rock music, and we still managed to keep out mouths shut. Maybe we are maturing? All in all, they are extremely talented, but they’re no Idlewild. (It’s been awhile since I’ve used that line, but I’m bringing it back. I’m not going to let you forget about Idlewild.) They were just a little intense and serious to the point where it was like they were there to rock, but didn’t really care if they took you with them.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

There’s a porcupine in my throat

I stayed home sick this morning because I woke up feeling crappy for the fourth day in a row. I had no voice and could not breathe out of my nose. And though I hate calling in sick, I did. But that only lasted a half of a day. I’m at work now. I can’t stay away. How’s that for dedication? Someone give me a cookie.

Actually, I don’t deserve a cookie. The insanely loud maniacs shooting a movie outside of my house do. I just couldn’t get any rest with their banging and screaming and hammering and beeping big rig trucks. It was really annoying. Then, while driving out of my driveway and onto work, I had to put up with the security guards looking at me as if I shouldn’t be driving down my own street. How rude. I should have sneezed on them or something.

For the record, I’m not sick because I went out to Modest Mouse last night. If anything, they healed me with their awesome rock show. But not even The Mouse can cure the common cold. Random thought: Isaac Brock reminds me of Les Claypol from Primus. I see them sitting in a bayou together strumming some banjos and widdling sticks.

The highlight of the evening was taking the subway to the show. Yup, I rode public transportation in Los Angeles (thanks to Debby). Seriously, I’m in love with the Metro. If it only went to more places that I actually go to, and I could get to it without having to drive, I would so take it all the time. But it doesn’t. So I won’t. But it is so freaking clean, with high ceilings decorated in plastic film reels and fake palm trees, I felt like I was about to go on a ride a Disneyland. Oh, and they don’t even come around to take your ticket, so you can basically ride for free. I wouldn’t recommend trying this all the time though because if caught, you will get a ticket.

How hot is this?

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Los Angeles is covered in fog right now and I don’t like it.

Scott put up some pics from SXSW (I'm the one with the leg warmers on.) They make me miss it already, although I'm totally still tired, have lost my voice, and am coming down with a cold. Give me about a week and I will be ready to go again.

Kevin Smith says he once got an offer to direct Michael Jackson in a movie about a man who turns into a car that gets ridden around by a boy. Smith tells Playboy magazine that Jackson wanted to play the car/man role. The proposed title of the film, and Smith says this is no lie, was "Hot Rod." Michael Jackson’s music may be horrible now, but he still comes through when it comes time to entertain.

Being crazy is totally in. Next time you do something regrettable after a big night out, just think, you can’t top Courtney or The Vines’ Craig Nicholls. Those two are cra-zy.

The fact that the LA Times website is pay-subscription based is lame. That’s why I read the NY Times instead. Take note LA Times.

Speaking of the NY Times, they reviewed Mark Kozelek’s (Sun Kil Moon) performance at the Bowery Ballroom. Read it here. Too bad they only reviewed the banter and not the actual music.

A five-year-old boy in Miami brought pot to school and sprinkled it on a friend’s lasagna and got busted. Topping that, a four-year-boy in Indianapolis brought $10,000 dollars worth of crack cocaine to school saying it was flour. I would usually say something snarky, but this is kind of too sad. I mean, you need to wait until you are at least eight before doing drugs.

The bean and cheese burrito is my new peanut butter and jelly sandwich, especially if they only cost $1 and come out of a vending machine. I could eat them all day long, and kind of already do.

Monday, March 22, 2004

On Tap

Ok I’m back. I don’t know even where to begin or how I could ever sum of the insanity that is SXSW. So I’m not going to. In the wise words of one of my weekend roommates: “Whatever happens in Austin, stays in Austin.” I know I promised the guys from T.N.H. (full name abbreviated to protect the innocent) that I would recount my run-in with a certain tv personality, but I just can’t. Sorry guys. Still love your band though. So instead, here are few brief highlights:
- Seeing L.A. Reid snap his fingers and sing along to The Killers while they performed at the Spin party.
- Seeing great sets by: Sea Ray, The Standard, The Feverpitch, The Bronx, Ekland, The National, British Sea Power, The Hives, The Von Bondies, Fiery Furnaces, TV on the Radio, and The Stills (multiple times). I know I saw more, but I can’t remember them all right now.
- Getting to see friends who live far away.
- Having breakfast next to Fred from the B52’s and Franz Ferdinand (link to video).
- Running into people I didn’t even know were going.
- Meeting people I knew of, but had never met before in person. (I hope I didn’t scare them with my, um, enthusiasm.)
- Watching Old School in the hotel room with my kick ass roommates while trying to get the energy to go out yet again.
- Befriending a certain seminal punk rocker who text messaged me NHL game scores for the rest of the weekend.
- I missed seeing Clearlake, Snow Patrol, and Cooper Temple Clause. That is regrettable.
- Trying to stay veggie in the land that is meat. I was reduced to eating pieces of Wonder white bread at all those BBQ parties that bragged free food.
- Getting the best chocolate milk in Austin specially made for my new friend Mark and myself.
- Sitting in the airport Sunday morning with half of Seattle and realizing everyone was hurting as much I was.

Back in Lala land, the shows must go on:

Monday, 3/22
The Mekons @ The Troubadour

Tuesday, 3/23
Modest Mouse @ The Henry Fonda
I purposely didn’t see them in Texas since I'm going to this show. I might freak out when “Float On” comes on. I apologize in advance.

Wednesday, 3/24
Cooper Temple Cause @ Troubadour
I really want to go to this show. Anyone want to hook a sista up?

The Mekons @ Amoeba (instore)

Rebecca and Leah get into town. Crazy times will ensue.

Thursday, 3/25
The Unicorns @ Spaceland

The Von Bondies @ Amoeba

Friday, 3/26
Damien Rice @ The Wiltern

The Natural History @ Spaceland
This will be a really good show. Marah is playing as well, but really, it’s all about The Natural History.

Dolorean @ Knitting Factory
Very mellow indie, folk, storytelling-type rock. Highly recommended.

Saturday, 3/27
The Get Up Kids @ The Troubadour
I still like this band, cool or not. You’re lying if you say you are over them.

The Church @ HOB.
Thanks to Annie, I met Marty from The Church. Annie rules.

Sunday, 3/28
The Few @ Spaceland
Local kids who write really catchy songs.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Party Monster

Eva knows how to have a good time. You should go to her party.

I'm a slacker

I know this is a late post, and I’m not going to be posting while I’m at sxsw (and if I do, shoot me because I should NOT be on the computer while there) but today’s slipping away from me.

I have to say how happy I am that Franz Ferdinand actually rocked live at the in-store last night and will hopefully live up to the hype. I was worried there. They got off to a rocky start with their first song, but quickly became comfortable and just commanded the room. Amoeba was packed, and I’ve never heard applause there so loud. At one point the crowded even broke into organized clapping without FF telling them to do so. I hate to continue the hype and keep talking about them, but they do indeed rule. Go see them tonight at UCLA. It’s free. You have no excuse.

Monday, March 15, 2004

On Tap

To be fair, I didn’t pay much attention to the shows this week since I’ll be out of town for most of them. But I scraped up a few not to miss including some free Franz shows. How hot is that?
Also read in the new Spin (the one with Kurt Cobain on the cover) a feature on Death Cab for Cutie. Very cool. They also included a side-bar about Seth Cohen from The OC. Not cool. Why does this kid have to be mentioned every time Death Cab is? But wait there is more! Turns out the OC gang have themselves a little band of their own. They played the Hotel Café here last week to a sold out show (of mostly their friends). Though they totally cleaned out the bar of all their alcohol and food and made the place a ton of money, the Hotel won’t have them back anytime soon since the band and their friends were complete jerks and aren’t worth the hassle. I love the Hotel Café even more now.

Monday, 3/15
Franz Ferdinand instore @ Amoeba
I’ll be the one with the serious sunburn rocking out in my work clothes.

Ima Robot @ The El Rey

Tuesday, 3/16
Franz Ferdinand/Irving @ Copperage Hall (UCLA) & IT’S FREE!

Cooperage Hall (UCLA - located on "A" Level of Ackerman Union)
405 Hilgard Ave
Westwood, CA
Doors open at 7:30
Irving at 8:00PM Sharp
Franz Ferdinand at 9:00PM
For More information call (310) 825-1958

Wednesday, 3/17
St. Patrick’s Day. You have to go out. It’s like a law or something.

Austin here I come!

Thursday, 3/18
Dizzee Rascal @ Key Club
Cross-over rap sensation from Britain. No one knows what he’s saying, but everyone’s afraid to say they don’t like it.

Friday, 3/19
Franz Ferdinand @ Troubadour
This show is impossibly sold out.

Saturday, 3/20
Blonde Redhead @ Henry Fonda

Sunday, 3/21
Cathy’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Cathy!!!

Breeders @ Spaceland
Will Frank Black show up?

Give Up @ Big Foot Lounge
(the final installment until next October!) - stop dancing & cry - heartbreaking hitparade hosts: boom bip, Dntel, elenor blythe & margaret pealer, frosty, Trevin. Drink of the month, The Girl Scout Cookie.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Last night I fell in love with a Trombone player

The Pixies very quietly announced a show for 4/13 in Minneapolis-of course it's sold out already, but they’re slowly but surely making their way east announcing shows it appears. If you’re a rabid fan, check this everyday. If you have a life and are tired about hearing about this reunion already, when then, you are better person than I.

Like movies, but also like to get hammered? The Arclight has something just for you! Watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind next weekend, March 19-21 while sipping your favorite martini, wine, cocktail from the ArcLight Balcony Bar. Tickets for these special screenings are available for purchase only by Arclight members, age 21 and over, and only through their website (tickets are not available at the theater or over the phone). Tickets for regular shows of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" will be available as usual. I wonder if people get all drunk while watching the movie and start talking really loudly and making out with strangers.


Thursday, March 11, 2004


Dave Blood from the Dead Milkmen committed suicide.

News Bites

Mel Gibson could make $200 million off of God. And that’s not including the made-in-bad-taste merch, which if the movie didn’t make you sick with all the blood, the “nails” that are jewelry surely will. But what do I know? I still haven’t seen the movie. I really must get out more. Or in. Whatever. The moral question of the day is: Should he keep this money? Or give it to charity? Discuss.

Echostar and Viacom kiss and make up for the sake of mutually profiting off of one another. Phew. I’m still a stupid Adelphia subscriber though, so it never really affected me. Adelphia still is the worst cable provider ever by the way.

No one uses the encyclopedia anymore. Kids find that cutting and pasting is way faster when plagiarizing.

Neil Strauss tells us his favorite CDs again. Thanks Neil for the cutting edge reporting. It’s been almost 3 months since the end of the year Best Of lists.

This never happens in my ice hockey league. Cathy is a bit of a goon though. She just sent me a link about the best places to go to prison. I think there is something she isn’t telling me.

Just got some party passes via fed-ex for sxsw. How rad is that?

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Surprise show tonight

Sparta is playing a surprise show at The Scene tonight.
When At the Drive In broke up, half of them went off and formed Mars Volta and the other half formed Sparta. Mars Volta is for the more jam-heavy, funky, experimental types, while Sparta follow more of the traditional verse, chorus, verse formula. I really dug Sparta's debut, and this will be an excellent chance to see them in a non-crowded environment. Highly reccommended. Their "secret show" at the Troubadour tomorrow is already sold out.

The Scene Bar
806 E. Colorado St.
Glendale, CA 91205
Cover $5

Oh, and how freaking AWESOME is Modest Mouse's new single "Float On"? Isaac wrote himself an anthem with that gem. You can download it here.

Like Whoa

So I went to Spaceland last night, except it wasn’t Spaceland, it was Silicon-land. Word was out that Keanu was performing and girls from the Westside showed up in flocks in with the mission of wooing him. I’m talking fake-tan, acrylic nails, hair extensions, boob job, halter-top type of girls. I almost felt bad for Keanu because he seemed bummed that his presence would bring such gross LA stereotypes out in an otherwise music-friendly environment. But here is the kicker, the singer for his band Becky is none other than Rebecca from Real World Seattle! Seriously, for a girl that watched way too much television growing up, it was almost too much for me to watch them perform. Actually it was. I left after 3 songs. I was there for The Peels really anyway. But I guess I should tell you how Becky was. They were eh. It was like Garbage, but not nearly as good. Instead of Butch Vig, you get Keanu Reeves. And instead of Shirley Manson, you get an ex-Real Worlder. But Rebecca was always into music… remember the episode where she worked with Sir Mix A Lot during her tenure in Seattle? Who knew that would lead to a gig with Neo?

Considering how much of a downer the vibe was at Spaceland last night, I couldn’t bring myself to have Keanu talk to my mom. So instead, I leave you with a quiz. Which Keanu Are You?

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

And the award for the women with the biggest balls goes to...

this lady.

The jury is in.

Jack White got a $500 fine, $200 in court costs, and must attend anger management classes. I'd like to add a haircut to that sentence please.

Breaking news

Epic has just scooped up Franz Ferdinand. In more related FF news: They will be at Amoeba for an in-store this Monday, 3/15 at 7pm.

Ok, now I will stop talking about this band since their hype factor is already way too high.

On a funny sorta-related note, the current #1 google search bringing people to this site is Good Charlotte + KROQ. Just my target audience, I know.

This and That

Jack White goes to trial today on misdemeanor assault charges for beating the stuffing out of Von Bondies front man Jason Stollseimer. On a related note, wouldn’t you know it, The Von Bondies’ debut streets today. What a coincidence! I’m just letting my imagination go and spreading complete lies, but wouldn’t it be genius of a certain label to pay one of the biggest indie-rock stars to beat up a member of a newer band in a crowded club, and then have the trial take place on the date of newer band’s album release? No publicist is that clever, but man, I’ve never seen a case of getting beat up work out so well for someone. Good thing their single "C'mon C'mon" is actually catchy, otherwise, they would just be that band with the guy who got beat up in it. If convicted, White could face up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. I’m picturing Martha teaching Jack to knit while in the slammer. How cute.

Speaking of new albums released today, Franz Ferdinand’s highly anticipated CD is out now. I got mine in the mail last night from the CD fairy. It made my one-hour, nine-mile commute almost tolerable.

Courtney’s racking up the charges. She’s performing (I use that term losely) at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC on March 18th. Tickets go on sale March 16th. Everyone that goes should just plan an intervention or something. Have a big ‘ol sit down at the Bowery for Frances’ sake.

Arista is no longer. From the Velvet Rope:
“Staff has been told that come April, Arista will no longer be. All will be out of their NEWLY relocated headquarters… Some employees will be ‘saved’ into BMG - others will be shown the door… the artists will be divvied up.”

Monday, March 08, 2004

What happened to my Fugazi?

Oh Ian... I'm speechless. Click here to see Mr. MacKaye get all Schoolhouse rock on us.

On Tap

Yesterday had to be one of the nicest days of the year so far, so I decided to take advantage of the warm sunny weather by going for a hike in the Malibu hills/mountains. There I was; enjoying my trek outside of Silverlake, getting back in touch with nature while I came across a snake, which was about 2 feet away from me just off the trail. I didn’t notice the snake until it hissed at me, at which point I freaked out and made my poor companion run all the way back to the car which was about a mile away (up and down some crazy hilly terrain). We then opted for plan B, which was the beach. It was there I got sunburned. Lesson learned? I fair much better in dark noisy rock clubs then I do outside in nature.

Monday, 3/8
Stacy’s bringing back the hickey. She wants me to spread the word and let everyone know that you should now be displaying your love via the Hickey. Hickies are the new UGGs. Their ugly, but darn it if all the cool kids don’t have some.

The Starvations/Wires on Fire @ The Echo

Tuesday, 3/9
The Peels/Becky @ Spaceland
Becky is Keanu Reeve’s new band. My mom still thinks that Keanu and I are meant to be. My mission on Tuesday is to get Keanu to talk to my mom via my cell phone from Spaceland so she can tell him why. Mom: sleep with the phone near your bed. Check in on Wednesday and see if I succeed.

Wednesday, 3/10
Elephant @ The Troubadour
You probably know of Elephant because they toured with Interpol. Now go see them and pay attention this time.

Thursday, 3/11
Stars @ Spaceland
Stars’ debut album Heart is fantastic. Buy it now.

The Thrills @ The El Rey
Even if you don’t like this band now, you will someday. They grow on you.

Friday, 3/12
American Music Club @ El Rey
Remember when they played free every Monday for a month at Spaceland? I bet you’re kicking yourself now that you didn’t go before.

Saturday, 3/13
Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Henry Fonda
Their song Maps is getting airplay now on MTV and KROQ and everywhere else. But that song and their album is over a year old. Maybe they will play new stuff? Either way, Karen O is completely entertaining live. I still don’t like this band though. There, I said it. Again.

Ryan Adams @ The Wiltern
Let’s hope someone gives him a bad review so he can leave them a voicemail the next day.

Party Your Baby Off @ Mbar
Free Red Stripe Beer from 10-12:00. Nantucket Suicide and Riff Random will perform. Travis Keller will spin.

Sunday, 3/14
Sopranos on HBO
The first episode was OK. I had to explain to my native Californian friends that bears do actually appear in people’s back yards in Jersey. I love the comment that Carmela made: “We’re the most populated state, and still we have this happening.” As if being over-populated is a good thing and should be rewarded with no wildlife.

Friday, March 05, 2004

As if you needed reminding...

New Sopranos starts this Sunday.

Steve Buscemi joins the cast this season. He are just two reasons why he is a badass: 1) He once got stabbed thanks to pal Vince Vaughan getting into a bar fight somewhere down south while on location for a film and fully recovered, and 2) He's freaking Mr. Pink for crying out loud!

Please make me stop watching TV in the middle of the night

The only word that comes to mind when seeing and hearing The Fire Theft is epic. The Fire Theft are epic. If you aren't a fan already consider yourself late to the game. Even KROQ is playing them now.

I introduced the concept of blogs to some gentlemen last night. I will probably wish I hadn't. I also told them I like Hugo Boss cologne so they kept running to the bathroom and spraying themselves with stuff (the House of Blues has those kinds of bathrooms with sinks full of products and an attendant) and asking me to smell them to guess what cologne they were wearing. I create my own monsters.

Then I woke up at 4am only to find The Sharon Osbourne Show on TV. 311 was performing and covering a Cure song whilst wearing a tank top. I thought I was having a nightmare, but alas, it was all too real.

New PJ Harvey record is expected by summer. Track titles which will be included are "Who The Fuck?," "Shame," "The Life And Death of Mr. Badmouth," "The Letter and The Pocket Knife."

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Two reasons why today is a good day

New David Sedaris in The New Yorker. (Thanks Productshop NYC)

The FutureHeads. Here is what a real writer had to say about them: "Think jaunty Mission of Burma with the shouty vocals of The Jam and the spiky angles reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand. perfection!" (Thanks Annie)

An Open Letter to The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Dear PB and J,
What’s up? Nothing much here. I just wanted to thank you for basically giving me all nutrition I’ve received for the past two months. Everyone said I couldn’t go veggie, but ha! We showed them didn’t we? I swear if it wasn’t for you, I don’t know what I’d eat. I mean, cooking is like hard, you know? And nothing tastes better than some red (favor itself is meaningless) jelly and creamy Jiff on mushy wheat bread. I don’t like the kind of wheat bread that tastes like eating gravel, but now that we all know white bread makes you portly, I try to stay away.

My roommate likes to laugh at me because I have you for dinner every night. My co-worker says I eat like a 3rd grader because I have you for lunch every day. I think they’re just jealous. Especially when I wash you down with some chocolate milk. Those are some good times.

And remember when my mom used to cut the crusts off of you and pack you in my lunch box? I like to mark my step into adulthood as to when I started eating you crusts and all. But who am I kidding? Sometimes I pull the crusts off still!

On rainy days, I like to toast the bread first, and then put on the jelly and peanut butter. You know, just to mix it up. I’m crazy like that, what can I say? And I even don’t mind when I have to resort to eating the ends of the bread and making them part of my sandwich. It’s still all good.

Oh PB&J, how I love thee.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Win-Win Raffle

You probably don’t know Jackie Ferry, but back in the day she was Frances Bean's nanny in Seattle, and she's been working as a tour manager for many years. Anyway, she was recently diagnosed with cancer, and has come up with a creative way to help pay the bills. Click here to win some really amazing prizes (seriously good stuff) and help a kick ass chick pay her hospital bills.

Death to the Pixies

Ok seriously, I have a bone to pick with this whole Pixies tickets debacle. I sat at my computer Monday morning from 9:45am-10:30am hitting the refresh button trying in earnest to get me some Pixies love for their show at UC Davis. Tickets went on sale at 10am. Did I get any? NO. WTF? How? I was online and ready. I even had my boss’ credit card info with permission to use! How was I not one of the lucky ones to actually get through and grab at least one measly ticket? Who are you people that actually did get tickets? Are you the ones that bought them only to sell them on Ebay for 5 times their original price? If so, I hate you. But I’m willing to make up if you give me a ticket. I’m even willing to pay the $25, but not a penny more. I don’t give into to scalpers. That would be encouraging such behavior, and who wants to do that?

Side note: Saw Nader on Bill Maher last night and I couldn’t help getting sucked in again and really thinking about voting for him. He just seems to make so much sense to me. Call me a tree-hugging hippie, but I really want someone in office who will pay attention to the environmental problems we are currently facing. And I just feel like he would look out for the little guy more so than anyone else. Have you ever been in a car accident, but an airbag saved you from serious harm? You can thank Nader for that. Concerned about the safety of nuclear energy? So is Nader. Supermarket strike got you down? Nader has been a strong voice for years concerning worker’s right. And the man doesn’t eat hotdogs.

And please don’t throw that he’s a spoiler argument out. If we keep using that excuse, we will never get past a two party system (which will all know does not accurately represent the public). According to the exit polls conducted by Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg, fully 25% of Nader’s votes in 2000 came from Republicans, 38% from Democrats, and the remainder from people who would not have voted. So there. Republicans voted Green too.

Have I bored you enough with the political talk?

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

A letter to WMG employees from the new boss:

Dear Colleagues:
We are announcing today a series of necessary restructuring steps that are critical to the future of Warner Music Group. I want to outline them for you personally and share with you how they will affect our label structure, management team and employees. All of these steps are based on a careful and thorough analysis of all aspects of WMG's needs and operations, undertaken in close collaboration with the Company's senior management over the past few months. It is of the utmost importance that we make the necessary changes as quickly as possible so that Warner Music Group can begin to move ahead with increased strength and confidence as a more competitive, agile and efficient organization.
First, Lyor Cohen, our new Chairman and CEO of U.S. Recorded Music, will report to me and be responsible for all aspects of WMG's recorded music operations in the United States. Also reporting directly to me will be Paul-Rene Albertini, formerly President of Warner Music International, who will now run the Company as its Chairman and CEO, with responsibility for all of our international companies and affiliates in Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Canada; and Les Bider, who will continue to provide his fine leadership as Chairman and CEO of Warner/Chappell Music, one of the world's pre-eminent international music publishing companies.
My other direct reports include all corporate staff, including Helen Murphy, Chief Financial Officer; Dave Johnson, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for the Company; and Will Tanous, who will lead our communications efforts as the new Head of Corporate Communications. Dawn Bridges will be leaving the Company after many years of exemplary service to our executives, artists and employees.
Reporting directly to Lyor will be Tom Whalley, Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Records; Scott Pascucci, President, Warner Strategic Marketing; and John Esposito, President, WEA Corp.
We are currently continuing our discussions with Roger Ames about a senior management role at the Company.
Second, we will begin consolidating our East Coast operations by merging the Business and Legal Affairs, Finance and Label Sales divisions at Elektra and Atlantic, and Lyor Cohen will lead both labels as interim Chairman. Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun will remain with the Company and help us continue the label's world-renowned legacy; however, Sylvia Rhone, Val Azzoli and Ron Shapiro will be leaving the Company. Their contributions to the Elektra and Atlantic labels over the years have helped to sustain Warner Music through very challenging periods, and I would like to thank them for all they have done to make WMG one of the world's leading music companies.
In order take full advantage of our opportunities for growth and success, we need to reduce our global workforce by approximately 20%, beginning today, and anticipate much of this will be completed within the coming month. All of our colleagues are being provided with substantial severance payments and separation packages. In most instances, these include significant support, such as outplacement assistance, to help with a transition to new employment opportunities outside the Company.
While most of the changes we anticipate making have been announced today, we are still working on a number of additional steps, including the management structure of our East Coast labels. We will announce these as quickly as possible.
These were not easy decisions to make, but I want to reiterate that these changes are essential for our ability to move forward together, to continue building on the extraordinary legacy of Warner Music and to ensure our future success. I also want to thank you for your flexibility, patience and focus during this challenging time as we work together to achieve these goals.
The talent, the resources and the creativity at Warner Music position the Company extremely well for the future, and I am excited about the new opportunities that lie ahead. I look forward to working with you in the weeks ahead as we begin this journey.
Edgar Bronfman, Jr.

It's Super Tuesday!!

Well, actually not so super for those people that work for Warner Music Group. The ax falls today on a lot of people. The slaughtering should be done by noon. Call your friends and make sure they still have a job.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Bloggidity Blog Blog Blog

Um, does this mean we are special?

On Tap

British Sea Power are so entertaining live, you forget while watching them that you are wearing uncomfortable shoes, that you woke up at 6:30am to run around the Staples Center, and that you are the only one of your friends not drinking. They cover the stage in branches and tree parts so you feel like you are in the middle of a magical forest watching this strangely appealing band. You can tell they have a great sense of humor, but at the same time, take their music very seriously. In summation, they rule.
If that wasn’t enough, I actually ran into the band while out on run on Sunday morning (their HUGE bus was still parked outside Spaceland, which I run by on the way to the reservoir.) They couldn’t have been nicer, even to a random sweaty girl who was out of breath. They are coming around the east coast next week, so all of you out there do yourselves a favor and go see them.

March is off to great start… the supermarket strike is over!

And weren’t the Oscars so anti-climatic?

Monday, 3/1
Dengue Fever @ Spaceland
Monday residents for March.

Tuesday, 3/2
Go to see The Passion, finally.
God is so hip right now… $117 Million… wow.

Wednesday, 3/3
Elvis Costello @ UCLA Royce Hall

Thursday, 3/4
The Fire Theft/Grandaddy @ Hob
Ok, so this is a Saves the Day show but that’s ok because you can see two good bands first, and then leave and still get a good night’s sleep.

Friday, 3/5
The Fire Theft/Grandaddy @ Hob
The Fire Theft is Jeremy Enigk’s new band which rose from the ashes of Sunny Day Real Estate. Sunny Day Real Estate was a fantastic Seattle band who didn’t wear flannel. Dave Grohl hand picked Will and Nate from Sunny Day to start the Foo Fighters with him. Will is no longer a Foo, but Nate still does double duty between The Fire Theft and FF. And Jeremy is one of the best songwriters of our time.

Gossip @ Revolver
Did you watch Party Monster and want to become a club kid? Here is your chance. The one and only James St. James will be at this new weekly club and it is sure to be eventful. Free: 10pm-2am.

Saturday, 3/6
Elkland @ The Roxy
Cute little boys who play synth-pop and have a debut coming out on Kinetic Records. Expect good things.

Jen’s 30th Birthday party @ Footsie’s
It’s a new wave party so come dressed appropriately; otherwise, I will have to throw a skinny tie or leg warmers on you. 7-10pm, the bar is reserved for party-goers only. To get in, just name drop Jen even if you don’t know her.

Sunday, 3/7
Stereophonics @ HOB
This band suffers from the same disease as Robbie Williams. They are both HUGE over seas, but they just can seem to get anyone to care over here. Except me... I care. I care!

Los Angeles City Marathon
Another reason traffic will suck.