Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Like Whoa

So I went to Spaceland last night, except it wasn’t Spaceland, it was Silicon-land. Word was out that Keanu was performing and girls from the Westside showed up in flocks in with the mission of wooing him. I’m talking fake-tan, acrylic nails, hair extensions, boob job, halter-top type of girls. I almost felt bad for Keanu because he seemed bummed that his presence would bring such gross LA stereotypes out in an otherwise music-friendly environment. But here is the kicker, the singer for his band Becky is none other than Rebecca from Real World Seattle! Seriously, for a girl that watched way too much television growing up, it was almost too much for me to watch them perform. Actually it was. I left after 3 songs. I was there for The Peels really anyway. But I guess I should tell you how Becky was. They were eh. It was like Garbage, but not nearly as good. Instead of Butch Vig, you get Keanu Reeves. And instead of Shirley Manson, you get an ex-Real Worlder. But Rebecca was always into music… remember the episode where she worked with Sir Mix A Lot during her tenure in Seattle? Who knew that would lead to a gig with Neo?

Considering how much of a downer the vibe was at Spaceland last night, I couldn’t bring myself to have Keanu talk to my mom. So instead, I leave you with a quiz. Which Keanu Are You?