Thursday, March 11, 2004

News Bites

Mel Gibson could make $200 million off of God. And that’s not including the made-in-bad-taste merch, which if the movie didn’t make you sick with all the blood, the “nails” that are jewelry surely will. But what do I know? I still haven’t seen the movie. I really must get out more. Or in. Whatever. The moral question of the day is: Should he keep this money? Or give it to charity? Discuss.

Echostar and Viacom kiss and make up for the sake of mutually profiting off of one another. Phew. I’m still a stupid Adelphia subscriber though, so it never really affected me. Adelphia still is the worst cable provider ever by the way.

No one uses the encyclopedia anymore. Kids find that cutting and pasting is way faster when plagiarizing.

Neil Strauss tells us his favorite CDs again. Thanks Neil for the cutting edge reporting. It’s been almost 3 months since the end of the year Best Of lists.

This never happens in my ice hockey league. Cathy is a bit of a goon though. She just sent me a link about the best places to go to prison. I think there is something she isn’t telling me.

Just got some party passes via fed-ex for sxsw. How rad is that?