Monday, March 01, 2004

On Tap

British Sea Power are so entertaining live, you forget while watching them that you are wearing uncomfortable shoes, that you woke up at 6:30am to run around the Staples Center, and that you are the only one of your friends not drinking. They cover the stage in branches and tree parts so you feel like you are in the middle of a magical forest watching this strangely appealing band. You can tell they have a great sense of humor, but at the same time, take their music very seriously. In summation, they rule.
If that wasn’t enough, I actually ran into the band while out on run on Sunday morning (their HUGE bus was still parked outside Spaceland, which I run by on the way to the reservoir.) They couldn’t have been nicer, even to a random sweaty girl who was out of breath. They are coming around the east coast next week, so all of you out there do yourselves a favor and go see them.

March is off to great start… the supermarket strike is over!

And weren’t the Oscars so anti-climatic?

Monday, 3/1
Dengue Fever @ Spaceland
Monday residents for March.

Tuesday, 3/2
Go to see The Passion, finally.
God is so hip right now… $117 Million… wow.

Wednesday, 3/3
Elvis Costello @ UCLA Royce Hall

Thursday, 3/4
The Fire Theft/Grandaddy @ Hob
Ok, so this is a Saves the Day show but that’s ok because you can see two good bands first, and then leave and still get a good night’s sleep.

Friday, 3/5
The Fire Theft/Grandaddy @ Hob
The Fire Theft is Jeremy Enigk’s new band which rose from the ashes of Sunny Day Real Estate. Sunny Day Real Estate was a fantastic Seattle band who didn’t wear flannel. Dave Grohl hand picked Will and Nate from Sunny Day to start the Foo Fighters with him. Will is no longer a Foo, but Nate still does double duty between The Fire Theft and FF. And Jeremy is one of the best songwriters of our time.

Gossip @ Revolver
Did you watch Party Monster and want to become a club kid? Here is your chance. The one and only James St. James will be at this new weekly club and it is sure to be eventful. Free: 10pm-2am.

Saturday, 3/6
Elkland @ The Roxy
Cute little boys who play synth-pop and have a debut coming out on Kinetic Records. Expect good things.

Jen’s 30th Birthday party @ Footsie’s
It’s a new wave party so come dressed appropriately; otherwise, I will have to throw a skinny tie or leg warmers on you. 7-10pm, the bar is reserved for party-goers only. To get in, just name drop Jen even if you don’t know her.

Sunday, 3/7
Stereophonics @ HOB
This band suffers from the same disease as Robbie Williams. They are both HUGE over seas, but they just can seem to get anyone to care over here. Except me... I care. I care!

Los Angeles City Marathon
Another reason traffic will suck.