Monday, March 08, 2004

On Tap

Yesterday had to be one of the nicest days of the year so far, so I decided to take advantage of the warm sunny weather by going for a hike in the Malibu hills/mountains. There I was; enjoying my trek outside of Silverlake, getting back in touch with nature while I came across a snake, which was about 2 feet away from me just off the trail. I didn’t notice the snake until it hissed at me, at which point I freaked out and made my poor companion run all the way back to the car which was about a mile away (up and down some crazy hilly terrain). We then opted for plan B, which was the beach. It was there I got sunburned. Lesson learned? I fair much better in dark noisy rock clubs then I do outside in nature.

Monday, 3/8
Stacy’s bringing back the hickey. She wants me to spread the word and let everyone know that you should now be displaying your love via the Hickey. Hickies are the new UGGs. Their ugly, but darn it if all the cool kids don’t have some.

The Starvations/Wires on Fire @ The Echo

Tuesday, 3/9
The Peels/Becky @ Spaceland
Becky is Keanu Reeve’s new band. My mom still thinks that Keanu and I are meant to be. My mission on Tuesday is to get Keanu to talk to my mom via my cell phone from Spaceland so she can tell him why. Mom: sleep with the phone near your bed. Check in on Wednesday and see if I succeed.

Wednesday, 3/10
Elephant @ The Troubadour
You probably know of Elephant because they toured with Interpol. Now go see them and pay attention this time.

Thursday, 3/11
Stars @ Spaceland
Stars’ debut album Heart is fantastic. Buy it now.

The Thrills @ The El Rey
Even if you don’t like this band now, you will someday. They grow on you.

Friday, 3/12
American Music Club @ El Rey
Remember when they played free every Monday for a month at Spaceland? I bet you’re kicking yourself now that you didn’t go before.

Saturday, 3/13
Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Henry Fonda
Their song Maps is getting airplay now on MTV and KROQ and everywhere else. But that song and their album is over a year old. Maybe they will play new stuff? Either way, Karen O is completely entertaining live. I still don’t like this band though. There, I said it. Again.

Ryan Adams @ The Wiltern
Let’s hope someone gives him a bad review so he can leave them a voicemail the next day.

Party Your Baby Off @ Mbar
Free Red Stripe Beer from 10-12:00. Nantucket Suicide and Riff Random will perform. Travis Keller will spin.

Sunday, 3/14
Sopranos on HBO
The first episode was OK. I had to explain to my native Californian friends that bears do actually appear in people’s back yards in Jersey. I love the comment that Carmela made: “We’re the most populated state, and still we have this happening.” As if being over-populated is a good thing and should be rewarded with no wildlife.