Monday, March 15, 2004

On Tap

To be fair, I didn’t pay much attention to the shows this week since I’ll be out of town for most of them. But I scraped up a few not to miss including some free Franz shows. How hot is that?
Also read in the new Spin (the one with Kurt Cobain on the cover) a feature on Death Cab for Cutie. Very cool. They also included a side-bar about Seth Cohen from The OC. Not cool. Why does this kid have to be mentioned every time Death Cab is? But wait there is more! Turns out the OC gang have themselves a little band of their own. They played the Hotel Café here last week to a sold out show (of mostly their friends). Though they totally cleaned out the bar of all their alcohol and food and made the place a ton of money, the Hotel won’t have them back anytime soon since the band and their friends were complete jerks and aren’t worth the hassle. I love the Hotel Café even more now.

Monday, 3/15
Franz Ferdinand instore @ Amoeba
I’ll be the one with the serious sunburn rocking out in my work clothes.

Ima Robot @ The El Rey

Tuesday, 3/16
Franz Ferdinand/Irving @ Copperage Hall (UCLA) & IT’S FREE!

Cooperage Hall (UCLA - located on "A" Level of Ackerman Union)
405 Hilgard Ave
Westwood, CA
Doors open at 7:30
Irving at 8:00PM Sharp
Franz Ferdinand at 9:00PM
For More information call (310) 825-1958

Wednesday, 3/17
St. Patrick’s Day. You have to go out. It’s like a law or something.

Austin here I come!

Thursday, 3/18
Dizzee Rascal @ Key Club
Cross-over rap sensation from Britain. No one knows what he’s saying, but everyone’s afraid to say they don’t like it.

Friday, 3/19
Franz Ferdinand @ Troubadour
This show is impossibly sold out.

Saturday, 3/20
Blonde Redhead @ Henry Fonda

Sunday, 3/21
Cathy’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Cathy!!!

Breeders @ Spaceland
Will Frank Black show up?

Give Up @ Big Foot Lounge
(the final installment until next October!) - stop dancing & cry - heartbreaking hitparade hosts: boom bip, Dntel, elenor blythe & margaret pealer, frosty, Trevin. Drink of the month, The Girl Scout Cookie.