Monday, March 22, 2004

On Tap

Ok I’m back. I don’t know even where to begin or how I could ever sum of the insanity that is SXSW. So I’m not going to. In the wise words of one of my weekend roommates: “Whatever happens in Austin, stays in Austin.” I know I promised the guys from T.N.H. (full name abbreviated to protect the innocent) that I would recount my run-in with a certain tv personality, but I just can’t. Sorry guys. Still love your band though. So instead, here are few brief highlights:
- Seeing L.A. Reid snap his fingers and sing along to The Killers while they performed at the Spin party.
- Seeing great sets by: Sea Ray, The Standard, The Feverpitch, The Bronx, Ekland, The National, British Sea Power, The Hives, The Von Bondies, Fiery Furnaces, TV on the Radio, and The Stills (multiple times). I know I saw more, but I can’t remember them all right now.
- Getting to see friends who live far away.
- Having breakfast next to Fred from the B52’s and Franz Ferdinand (link to video).
- Running into people I didn’t even know were going.
- Meeting people I knew of, but had never met before in person. (I hope I didn’t scare them with my, um, enthusiasm.)
- Watching Old School in the hotel room with my kick ass roommates while trying to get the energy to go out yet again.
- Befriending a certain seminal punk rocker who text messaged me NHL game scores for the rest of the weekend.
- I missed seeing Clearlake, Snow Patrol, and Cooper Temple Clause. That is regrettable.
- Trying to stay veggie in the land that is meat. I was reduced to eating pieces of Wonder white bread at all those BBQ parties that bragged free food.
- Getting the best chocolate milk in Austin specially made for my new friend Mark and myself.
- Sitting in the airport Sunday morning with half of Seattle and realizing everyone was hurting as much I was.

Back in Lala land, the shows must go on:

Monday, 3/22
The Mekons @ The Troubadour

Tuesday, 3/23
Modest Mouse @ The Henry Fonda
I purposely didn’t see them in Texas since I'm going to this show. I might freak out when “Float On” comes on. I apologize in advance.

Wednesday, 3/24
Cooper Temple Cause @ Troubadour
I really want to go to this show. Anyone want to hook a sista up?

The Mekons @ Amoeba (instore)

Rebecca and Leah get into town. Crazy times will ensue.

Thursday, 3/25
The Unicorns @ Spaceland

The Von Bondies @ Amoeba

Friday, 3/26
Damien Rice @ The Wiltern

The Natural History @ Spaceland
This will be a really good show. Marah is playing as well, but really, it’s all about The Natural History.

Dolorean @ Knitting Factory
Very mellow indie, folk, storytelling-type rock. Highly recommended.

Saturday, 3/27
The Get Up Kids @ The Troubadour
I still like this band, cool or not. You’re lying if you say you are over them.

The Church @ HOB.
Thanks to Annie, I met Marty from The Church. Annie rules.

Sunday, 3/28
The Few @ Spaceland
Local kids who write really catchy songs.