Wednesday, March 24, 2004

There’s a porcupine in my throat

I stayed home sick this morning because I woke up feeling crappy for the fourth day in a row. I had no voice and could not breathe out of my nose. And though I hate calling in sick, I did. But that only lasted a half of a day. I’m at work now. I can’t stay away. How’s that for dedication? Someone give me a cookie.

Actually, I don’t deserve a cookie. The insanely loud maniacs shooting a movie outside of my house do. I just couldn’t get any rest with their banging and screaming and hammering and beeping big rig trucks. It was really annoying. Then, while driving out of my driveway and onto work, I had to put up with the security guards looking at me as if I shouldn’t be driving down my own street. How rude. I should have sneezed on them or something.

For the record, I’m not sick because I went out to Modest Mouse last night. If anything, they healed me with their awesome rock show. But not even The Mouse can cure the common cold. Random thought: Isaac Brock reminds me of Les Claypol from Primus. I see them sitting in a bayou together strumming some banjos and widdling sticks.

The highlight of the evening was taking the subway to the show. Yup, I rode public transportation in Los Angeles (thanks to Debby). Seriously, I’m in love with the Metro. If it only went to more places that I actually go to, and I could get to it without having to drive, I would so take it all the time. But it doesn’t. So I won’t. But it is so freaking clean, with high ceilings decorated in plastic film reels and fake palm trees, I felt like I was about to go on a ride a Disneyland. Oh, and they don’t even come around to take your ticket, so you can basically ride for free. I wouldn’t recommend trying this all the time though because if caught, you will get a ticket.

How hot is this?