Tuesday, March 09, 2004

This and That

Jack White goes to trial today on misdemeanor assault charges for beating the stuffing out of Von Bondies front man Jason Stollseimer. On a related note, wouldn’t you know it, The Von Bondies’ debut streets today. What a coincidence! I’m just letting my imagination go and spreading complete lies, but wouldn’t it be genius of a certain label to pay one of the biggest indie-rock stars to beat up a member of a newer band in a crowded club, and then have the trial take place on the date of newer band’s album release? No publicist is that clever, but man, I’ve never seen a case of getting beat up work out so well for someone. Good thing their single "C'mon C'mon" is actually catchy, otherwise, they would just be that band with the guy who got beat up in it. If convicted, White could face up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. I’m picturing Martha teaching Jack to knit while in the slammer. How cute.

Speaking of new albums released today, Franz Ferdinand’s highly anticipated CD is out now. I got mine in the mail last night from the CD fairy. It made my one-hour, nine-mile commute almost tolerable.

Courtney’s racking up the charges. She’s performing (I use that term losely) at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC on March 18th. Tickets go on sale March 16th. Everyone that goes should just plan an intervention or something. Have a big ‘ol sit down at the Bowery for Frances’ sake.

Arista is no longer. From the Velvet Rope:
“Staff has been told that come April, Arista will no longer be. All will be out of their NEWLY relocated headquarters… Some employees will be ‘saved’ into BMG - others will be shown the door… the artists will be divvied up.”