Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Why did it look like Jamie Lynn DiScala had chew in her lower lip in the Heidi Fleiss TV movie?

Last night, I got a last minute offer to see Nellie McKay. Since it was an early show, and wasn’t going to interfere with my trashy TV watching, I attended. Due to laziness, I have to compare her to other well-known female musicians who play the piano. Norah Jones and Fiona Apple come to mind. I guess if these three were to become a hiphop group a la TLC, Norah would Cool, Fiona would be Crazy, and I guess Nellie would be Sexy by default. She’s not sexy though. Nellie is a 19 year old piano wiz who looks like a 1950’s housewife. She has her own style of show tunes meets sarcasm meets Mary Poppins. Even though I tend to sway towards the indie rock, Nellie had me leaning closer to make sure I didn’t miss one note. Her voice is amazing, full of personality, and almost spellbinding. She even managed to get an LA audience to do a sing along. Shocking. And I didn’t imagine her getting eaten by zombies once during her performance. Listen to her here.

Jack Black will be in the new King Kong movie. And no, he isn’t playing Kong. He’s a leading man now, yo.

Jason Patric was arrested for public intoxication in Austin. Didn’t someone tell him sxsw is over? In related news, I love The Lost Boys. In further related news, I love Kiefer Sutherland more.