Thursday, April 01, 2004

Above the Fold

The Fold is a great local club that’s locations bounce back and forth between The Derby and The Silverlake Lounge. Last year, they put out a compilation featuring bands—BRMC, Metric, …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, The Warlocks, Alaska!, Black Heart Procession, and more—all of which have played shows there. It is a fantastic comp and basically showed everyone how freaking cool they were for booking all of these bands before anyone else even knew to pretend like they’ve been down with them for years.

And now it’s the Fold’s birthday, so they are doing what they do best by putting on a show. The Fold 7th Anniversary Showcase will be held on Thursday April 15th at the El Rey and will feature Dengue Fever, The Vacation, The Shore, Giant Drag, John Gold, The Lovemakers. Tickets can be bought here.

Wait, it gets better. The nice people at Filter are out to save you a few bucks. Click here for your chance to attend this show for free, bring a friend, and get a copy of the not-yet-released album by The Shore. And it's not even your birthday.