Friday, April 30, 2004

At the Movies ©

Opening this week
Mean Girls
I think Tina Fey wrote this. If so, then it can’t be too bad. If not, expect stupid-yet-enjoyable teen movie.

Laws of Attraction
“Two New York City divorce lawyers (Moore and Brosnan) breach upon love -- after waking up married to one another.” (from IMDB) Since when do sitcom plots become feature length movies?

Jack Black and Ben Stiller. Need I say more? Actually I do need to say more, since Stiller’s last movie with Jennifer Aniston was so horrible his name is longer a safe bet for a good movie. But Jack Black is in this, so I’m going say it can’t be all bad.

De Niro, Kinnear, and Romijn (sans Stamos) star in this flick about clones and replacing a lost child. Wasn’t that called A.I.?

Currently in theaters
Man on Fire
So I was wrong in picking last week this as a loser. I still don’t want to see it though.

13 Going on 30
I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I laughed, I cried (hysterically), I would see it again. I might have to start doing the “Thriller” dance at the next stuffy party I’m at just because of it. And Mark Ruffao? Awesome.

Young Adam
Still haven’t seen yet, though I will as soon as possible.