Wednesday, April 07, 2004

At the movies

Got a cryptic e-mail from the Arclight today saying they are expecting a special guest during the back to back screenings of Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2 on Thursday, April 15th in the Dome. They go on to say it’s on the “Q.T.” They say it’s still being confirmed, but they wouldn’t send out such an e-mail if Quentin wasn’t really going to show, would they? The Arclight is also doing a Tarantino Retrospective April 12-14. Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, and Reservoir Dogs will be shown.

On more Arclight juiciness, Kevin Smith will be talking, again, after a screening of Clerks. Again. This goes down on April 13th at 7pm. You can buy tickets online today. But be warned: by purchasing tickets and entering the auditorium you are giving your permission for your likeness and/or voice to be used in the DVD and its promotion. Jessica: we need to go and ask something inane just to ensure we are on the DVD.

“Saddle Creek Records chief Robb Nansel confirmed rumors that have been swirling about Rilo Kiley. He said an EMI label will be putting out the band's next record, possibly Capitol or Virgin Records.” Who knows what would possess an indie band to ever sign with a major right now, but I wish them the best. Unless you start dating Jake Gyllenhaal for a second time… then Jenny, it’s war.

And finally, so I’ve become a little obsessed lately with a certain movie. I know. And I promise to get over it soon. It’s Rebecca’s--a.k.a. “the SIL” (sister in law), a.k.a. Rebarfa--fault. If it wasn’t for her, I would have never chosen to see this movie, whose name I won’t utter anymore for fear that people will just start ignoring me and going into that glazed look and think “Oh she’s talking about zombies. Still.” But seriously, this is funny…. because it’s true.