Thursday, April 22, 2004

I wanna be Made

I love Made on MTV. It almost redeems the cable channel for its morally vacant I Want a Famous Face program.

Last night I saw a heavy metal kid get turned into “Mr. Northstar.” It’s basically a popularity contest in his high school and he – being the outsider he is – would be a total long shot. What was so fantastic about last night’s episode, was the boy’s “coaches.” They were the fashion design duo; Heatherette. You might have heard of Richie Rich when he was a club kid. Think Michael Alig without the murder. Regardless, I wish he had more screen time. Or someone sign him up for "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" in place of that Carson hack. That kid’s got charisma.

A little tangent on why Made rules and I Want a Famous Face does not: Made builds kid’s confidence by pushing them to reach their potential. I Want a Famous Face shows that your potential sucks as it is and surgery is the only option to reaching your goals. How they can show both of these shows back to back is amazing to me. It’s like having someone tell “you can do anything you want,” but then coming back and saying, “not with that nose you can’t.”