Monday, April 26, 2004

In the news

A girl from Michigan dies of cardiac arrest while attending a Slipknot concert. I’m not going to joke about this since I believe in Karma.

Billy Joel got into his 3 car accident in 2 years. Can’t this guy afford a driver? It seems like a sound investment at this point. Also, how great is Billy Joel? I need to dig out my Billy Joel cassettes. Maybe I’ll bring them to Coachella to really get the party started.

Um, yes. I’m so there. Even though it means I will be making east coast trips two weekends in a row. (Daily Refill)

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the act of a desperate man to me.
Clap on… Clap off…

The LA Times’ Robert Hilburn tells us how to spend our money when it comes to CDs. Dear LA Times: Why should I take advice regarding new and cutting edge music from a 60 year old? And why add insult to injury by having said 60 year old act as if he has to limit his CD purchases to $50 a month, especially when we all know he gets all his music for free. I’ve met Robert before, and find him to be a pleasant, nice and charming man. I have nothing against him. But when we had a debate on whether or not The White Stripes were overrated, the man who admittedly thinks the Whites Stripes are the second coming didn’t even know who The Go were. (Jack White used to be in that band before T.W.S.). No offense Hilburn, but maybe it’s time to pass the torch. You know where to reach me.