Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Is it really only Tuesday?

This link is purely for my brother, who once made me promise to read Infinite Jest. It goes without saying; he is not allowed to join my book club. (from Gawker)

McEnroe buys my car. Same color and everything. How embarrassing. If we show up at the same place, do I make him park far away from me?

Everyone knows about that Ben and Jerry’s thing today already, so here’s a coupon for Krispy Kreme to wash down that ice cream. Eff Atkins.

My boss flew up to Spokane this past weekend to see The Pixies (yes, my boss is awesome) and bought a CD that night of the show she just attended. Instant gratification. How cool is that? It’s also in great digipack packaging (they planned ahead). She brought it in for me to listen, and the quality is fantastic as well. If you go to a Pixies club show, buy one.

My mom was one of the winner’s for Jackie Farry’s raffle. Isn’t that rad?