Thursday, April 15, 2004

It all started with Gap and their “boy cut” jeans.

"They're so comfortable and I feel so good in them,"

That’s what one boy says in this story about wearing girl’s jeans, the latest of trends which goes by the name of “Fashioncore.” He goes on to say, "They show my figure off better. Guy pants just don't do it for me." Well guys wearing my pants don’t do it for me either. Add this to the list, next to guys drinking diet soda, as one of my turn offs. Here is a hint, girls don’t like to feel fat. If you fit into our jeans, and dare I say it, look better in them then us, you are making us feel bad. Knock it off.

Thanks Stacy for sending me this link and making me loose faith in the male gender just a little bit more.