Thursday, April 08, 2004

Nerd Club

Since tomorrow I have off and won’t be in posting, I’ll leave you with a brief homework assignment.

See, it’s finally my turn to pick a book for the book club at the office. Rules are as follows. 1) You can’t pick a book that you or someone else in the group has already read. 2) Try to keep the page count under 500 (that made the SNL book out, unfortunately). 3) Don’t try to show off with how smart you are (i.e. read Infinite Jest on your own time thank you very much).

After getting flack for constantly being the last one to finish every book so far (can I help I have a healthy social life?), I’ve decided to make them realize reading can be fun by picking Depth Take a Holiday: Essays from Lesser Los Angeles. So go out and be an honorary member of the club and read it.