Monday, April 26, 2004

On Tap

This week is basically a sham since the only thing worth mentioning is Coachella.

Monday, 4/26
The Rolling Blackouts @ Spaceland
This is your last chance to check the Monday-night residents in the month of April for free.

Tuesday, 4/27
Pinback @ Troubadour
I’ve said it before, this band is horrible live. They’re albums are great, and their music is like a breath of fresh air. Too bad they haven’t learned out to perform them live yet. I’ve never cringed so much at a show because their singer couldn’t hit any of the notes. Take a note from Britney guys; lip-sync.

The Reputation @ Spaceland
This is a KB suggestion.

Wednesday, 4/28
Southern Culture on the Skids @ Troubadour

Thursday, 4/29
TV on the Radio @ The Echo
People are buzzing. I left their show early at some party at SXSW because it as way too crowded and I didn’t feel compelled to stay and die of affixation. From what I saw and heard, I don’t think I made the wrong decision.

Earlimart @ Spaceland
Great local band whom I expect good things from. Check them out now.

Har Mar Superstar/Juliette Lewis @ Troubadour
If you like comedy in your music…

Friday, 4/03
TV on the Radio @ The Echo
Yup, two nights in a row.

The Sleepy Jackson/On the Speakers @ Spaceland
Sleepy Jackson are ok. On the Speakers are better.

Golden Arms @ 51 Buckingham (Pomona)
This is my friend Mike’s band. They are playing at Spaceland on Cinco de Mayo. If you are in Pomona this night and can’t get into the Pixies show, check this one out.

Moving Units & Special Guests @ The Glass House (Pomona)
Special Guests worth $30 tickets with a cap on buying two the night before Coachella… hmmm…

Black Heart Procession @ Knitting Factory
Too bad no one is going to go to this.

Saturday, 5/1
Day 1 of Coachella

Sunday, 5/2
Day 2 of Coachella
Tired, sweaty, broken, hot, hurting and loving it.