Monday, April 05, 2004

On Tap

Little Radio already got caught by the FCC after being back on the air for only 2 days. That’s what happens when you have a pirate radio station running at 500 watts. They will be back though. Don’t count them out just yet. has the new Modest Mouse on sale for only $7.98. No excuse, go buy it.

Hellboy made $23.5 million this weekend. What the heck? The Rock got robbed.

I’ve decided to sell my surfboard. E-mail me if you want info.

Monday, 4/5
Sweet Relief @ Troubadour
American Music Club, Concrete Blonde and more play for this great cause. I remember my cousin Carol giving me a Sweet Relief CD that made me realize there is more music out there besides Top 40. Thanks Carol.

Tuesday, 4/6
Happy Birthday Eva!!!

The Ravonettes @ The El Rey

Wednesday, 4/7
The Decemberists @ The Troubadour

Australian Invasion: The Vines/Jet/The Living End @ The Wiltern

Thursday, 4/8
Jet instore @ Tower on Sunset
I hate instores at the Tower on Sunset. And I think I’m over Jet as well.

Jason Falkner @ Troubadour

Friday, 4/9
Good Friday.
I have the day off and am planning to celebrate Good Friday by finally going to see The Passion. Or Dawn of the Dead again. It’s a toss up.

Saturday, 4/10
Iron and Wine @ The Knitting Factory

Sunday, 4/11
Happy Easter!!!

Someone send me Cadbury cream eggs please.

Iron and Wine @ The Knitting Factory
Maybe Sam will dress up like the Easter Bunny.