Monday, April 12, 2004

On Tap

Remember when I was talking about those trailers hogging up the street outside my house? Turns out they were there to shoot the “Silverlake” pilot. You know the one: Aaron Spelling’s latest attempt to turn a Southern California location into a night-time soap opera just like he did with Beverly Hills and the Melrose District. If it gets picked up, there will be trailers and security and nonsense all the time. If you work at a network and have any power of saying no to this pilot, please do so. Parking in my hood is hard enough. Thanks.

On a related note Tori Spelling hit the mean streets this weekend. This was sent to me this morning without a link, so I can’t vouch for its truthfulness.

“Tori Spelling was bounced out of a West Village bar Wednesday night after she knocked glasses, candles and shaker tins off the bar and threw tater tots at other patrons. Spelling, who was obviously drunk when she showed up at Daddy-O on Bedford Street with her fiance and a female friend at about 1a.m. left the martini bar when the bartender asked her to. But instead of hailing a cab, Spelling took off a high heel and started banging it on the watering hole's window. She finally left after the bartender went outside and told her to scram.”

Monday, 4/12
Sarah Silverman @ Largo
You can either see Sarah tonight or go to meet the cast of Drew Carey at The Derby. I say go to the Derby, bring props, and scream out scenarios to them and make them do an impromptu “Who’s Line Is It Anyway.”

Tuesday, 4/13
Camp Freddy @ The Avalon
This is to celebrate Indie 103.1FM being on the air for 103 days. Last time I saw Camp Freddy perform, they were joined onstage by Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones, Slash and Duff, The Strokes, Perry Ferrell, and a bunch of others whom I can’t remember right now. Also, Leonardo and Matthew McConaughey were there. In short, it was awesome.

Cast of Freaks and Geeks @ Tower on Sunset
…and the Geeks will rule the world.

The Shins on the Gilmore Girls
Remember that taping where you could be an extra? Well, the episode is supposed to air tonight.

Wednesday, 4/14
Twilight Singers @ Troubadour
Oh Duli… there is so much to say I don’t know where to begin.

Thursday, 4/15
Fold Anniversary Pary @ The El Rey
Win tickets to this here.

Twilight Singers @ Spaceland
See you at the Shortstop afterwards?

Friday, 4/16
Ok Go @ Troubadour (w/ Wheat)
Capitol Records does this thing with their packing tape where they put the logo of whatever band they are currently pushing on it. I got box with Ok Go packing tape a long time ago, and I thought it was a cool to see packing tape with a band on it so I stuck it to my little office stereo. I don’t even care for Ok Go that much, but I will now I have to look at their logo everyday. Long story short, marketing works.

Metric @ El Rey
They are playing again in June with The Stills. I’m skipping this show to save my excitement and energy for that one.

Saturday, 4/17
The Darkness @ Henry Fonda
They are also doing an instore at the Virgin Mega store in West Hollywood earlier that day. I still don’t care about the Darkness. I might check out the instore though to see what all the fuss is about.

Britt Daniel of Spoon @ Spaceland
This will be good.

Wheat @ Troubadour (W/ Ok Go)

They Might Be Giants @ UCLA
They put out a children’s album called No. How genius is that considering no other demographic besides house-pets hear the word “no” more.

Sunday, 4/18
According my calendar this is Holocaust Remembrance Day.