Monday, April 19, 2004

On Tap

I wound up taking in both Darkness shows this weekend thanks to two different individuals calling me up and offering me tickets at the last minute. If I was a huge fan of the The Darkness this would have never happened. Regardless, I felt the need to go to see if there was something I was missing that would maybe translate better through the live show. (I even passed up seeing Kennedy at Jumbo’s Clown Room on Sunday night. When a friend plays a strip club called Jumbo’s Clown Room – you go.) After giving them a fair shake, I can say their live show is definitively fun and entertaining. They sound great live, and Justin’s banter is charming. I still won’t ever feel the need to listen to their CD though. Guitar solos are just not my thing. If I want to listen to metal, I’ll put on GNR.

Here’s some gross information I heard this morning while driving into work and listening to NPR and had to pass on: 30% of registered cars are SUV’s. Half of all fatal 2-car crashes involve an SUV. 80% of the fatalities are suffered from the non-SUV passengers. Happy Driving.

Monday, 4/19
Jim Jarmusch @ The Arclight
Q&A following his newest movie “Coffee and Cigarettes

Tuesday, 4/20
Ugly Duckling @ The El Rey

Wednesday, 4/21
Happy Birthday Peabs!

The Catheters @ Troubadour

Thursday, 4/22
Opening night of Morrissey @ The Wiltern
I’m not going to even pretend I was a huge Morrissey fan because it’s suddenly cool now. I could take him or leave him.

Clinic @ Knitting Factory
Whatever happened to Clinic?

Bowie/Polyphonic Spree @ The Greek
Also playing Arrowhead on Friday night.

JC Chasez @ House of Blues
A poor man’s Justin Timberlake.

Friday, 4/23
Stella @ Knitting Factory
Comedy show featuring members of The State.

Heidi Fleiss night @ Gossip
She’s supposed to show up. We’ll see though. She’s, um, flakey.

All Night Radio @ Spaceland
Beachwood Sparks but better.

Saturday, 4/24
Medeski, Martin & Wood @ The Roxy

Jonathan Rice @ Fingerprints

Eisley @ Troubadour
Hansen, The Next Generation

Sunday, 4/25
One-Hit-Wonder Run
Don’t bother unless you pre-register.