Sunday, May 30, 2004

On Tap

There is no sentence I could muster that would express my excitement over the events that took place this past weekend. All I will say is that I shared a hot tub with my favorite band in the entire world. I can die now.

In a somewhat related note, you can tell we are getting into the summer touring season by the amount of quality shows there are to attend. I hope you kids have saved your pennies.

Monday, 5/31
Sondre Lerche @ Troubadour

The Like/Simple Kid @ Spaceland
Last time to see The Like for free!

Tuesday, 6/1
David Sedaris’ new book, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, comes out.
David Sedaris: making America laugh again in the absence of Friends.

Yo La Tengo @ Henry Fonda

Ron Sexsmith/David Mead @ Troubadour
Ron Sexsmith is an extremely talented singer-song writer who doesn’t seem to get the recognition he rightly deserves. Buy his albums.

Wednesday, 6/2
Finish reading David Sedaris’ new book. Start anxiously awaiting his next one.

Thursday, 6/3
Tortoise @ Henry Fonda
First of two nights.

Friday, 6/4
The Shins/Fiery Furnaces @ Wiltern
No brainer.

Keane @ Troubadour
Everyone says I will love this band, but I’m late to the gate with hearing them.

Ben Lee @ Knitting Factory

Saturday, 6/5
Franz Ferdinand @ Avalon
That annoying girl dancing up front? Yeah, that will be me.

Sunday, 6/6
Franz Ferdinand @ Wiltern

Tenacious D @ Knitting Factory
I think this is some sort of charity show. Someone bringing the A game would look that up and type here exactly what the charity is, but I never claimed to be that person.

Pedro The Lion/John Vanderslice @ Troubadour
Great bill. Great pairing. Great show.

Season Finale of The Sopranos
Don't call me during this if you know what is good for you.

Friday, May 28, 2004

At the Movies ©

Opening this week:
Soul Plane
Go see it. Please.

The Day After Tomorrow
Jake Gyllenhaal is on the cover of GQ right now. I’m suddenly a GQ fan. I hope this film is good and not just a weak plot covered up in special effects.

Saw it again this week, and I have to say I liked it even better the second time around. Want to see a teen comedy, but are smarter than all your friends? This is the movie for you.

Raising Helen
It’s like Party of Five, but without the whiney little kid who plays the violin. Related note, whiney little kid is now in Mean Girls.

The Mother (NY and LA)
A grandmother has an affair with a man half her age, who is also sleeping with her married daughter. The grandmother then fesses up to the betrayal on Jerry Springer. Ok, I made up the Jerry Springer part.

Top of the Box
Shrek 2
Saw it last night, and it wasn’t as good as everyone kept saying it was. That said, it was a lot better than most movies. Puss in Boots should be nominated for best supporting actor.

I still could care less about this movie. I don’t care how hot Brad Pitt is.

Van Helsing

Mean Girls
I can’t wait for Lohan’s E True Hollywood Story.

Man on Fire

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Educational Television

PBS is airing a special tonight at 9pm about the "faltering music industry." Here's a brief description:

FRONTLINE PRODUCT: PBS public-affairs program Frontline takes a look at the faltering music industry tonight in an hour-long documentary tracing the rise of the multi-billion-dollar record business and the multiple problems that have generated the “perfect storm” it now faces. Interviewees include Velvet Revolver manager David Codikow, David Crosby, Artemis chief Danny Goldberg, RCA’s David Gottlieb, attorney Michael Guido, KCRW’s Nic Harcourt, singer/songwriters Mark and Sarah Hudson, L.A. Times reporter Jeff Leeds, Velvet Revolver members Duff McKagen and Matt Sorum, Billboard’s Melinda Newman, Sarah Hudson manager/Deston Songs Co-President David Simoné, Rolling Stone’s Touré, OutKast manager Michael “Blue” Williams and HITS Lenny Beer.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The first step is admitting you have a problem

Blogging is a pastime for many, even a livelihood for a few. For some, it becomes an obsession. Such bloggers often feel compelled to write several times daily and feel anxious if they don't keep up. As they spend more time hunkered over their computers, they neglect family, friends and jobs.

Me anxious? Never. Neglecting family, friends and jobs? Not if they're part of my blog world I don't. Come on! I don't have a problem. I swear I could stop anytime.

Thanks Marshall for sending this, and then Jess for IMing me at the same time regarding a post which made me realize that maybe it's time for a new hobby.

Travesties of music

1) A bluegrass Radiohead cover band. Listen here.

2) Sean Nelson is leaving The Long Winters to rekindle Harvey Danger. While I loves me some Harvey Danger (so much more than a one hit wonder), part of The Long Winters' brilliance was the chemistry between frontman John Rodderick and Sean. And I was just telling someone how much I love this band, and now, poof, they will never be the same.

That’s what friends are for

I was reading an article in the latest Vice called their Guide to Friendship, and found their prerequisites really interesting. So I’m stealing them and adding my own commentary, because afterall, isn’t that what a blog is? Stolen material with some hack who thinks their opinions are interesting enough to write snarky comments underneath?

Mix CDs, jewelry, t-shirts, baby clothing, dinner. All these things are good, and only made for people worth your time and efforts.

SO TRUE! So we’ve all screened calls, as crappy as that may be, think about the people you actually answer the phone for and the ones you don’t. You will instantly know if you really consider this person a friend, or vice versa, if this person considers you one. And that one friend that takes 3 days to return a call? They suck.

You know how annoying it is to hear others reference their private jokes in front of you, but you still can’t help from doing it yourself at times. That said, Northwest does fly in the middle of the night.

Enemies don’t. ‘Nough said.

I’m not sure if this one really rings true. My friends and I don’t really dress alike, or necessarily enjoy the same extracurricular activities. And when I feel like people are copying me, I kind of get annoyed. But we do say the same things or catch phrases, but I chalk that up to private jokes.

Yeah, Red Bull.

Um, I guess. But I tend to only cuddle with the gay men. There’s nothing better than being able to hug someone and give ‘em a kiss and know that it will never cause any weirdness.

And hate the same people as you for no other reason than that you hate them as well.

But when you break up, tell you how they hated them all along. This rule confuses me, because if someone is really your friend, shouldn’t they tell you they hate your sig nif? I know I wouldn’t want to hear that, but in hindsight of a relationship, you wonder, why didn’t my friends tell me they were an ass so I didn’t waste all that time?

This is a hard one to get away with without seriously causing strife. If I’m being a dick, don’t tell me. I’m fragile. I promise to stop eventually. Eventually the Red Bull wears off, you know?

Nobody’s perfect, and if you value someone enough, you let them slide from time to time.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Attn: Berkeley-ites

Ok, I know a few of you who read this are from or are still in Berkeley. So check out this website and think about giving this person your vote for city council.

Monday, May 24, 2004

I’d rather be a duck

So I was watching The Swan finale pageant thing, and while all these surgery-altered women pranced around the stage I couldn’t help but feel like this was a reality version of the Stepford Wives. Really. I mean, they all suddenly now have the same top-heavy shape, with perfect teeth, swollen lips (this trend really scares me) and hair extensions. And to turn it all into a pageant where they essentially reward conformity is probably the worst message we could ever send out to kids. I swear I’m never letting my kids watch tv. Except for HBO. I'd rather let them see mobsters killing each other. Oh, and movies about zombies. That's ok too.

On Tap

Scott’s got pics up from the weekend. I love that he called us subdued.

And even though the official results aren’t in, we already have a winner to the Shrek 2 box office contest since we all completely underestimated the film. It earned an estimated 104 million over the weekend, and is already hitting the 125 million mark including the entire 5 days it has been out. Insane. RT, you win. E-mail me your address, and I will send out your prize.

Monday, 5/24
Cat Power @ The Troubadour
You know that song she sings about being a good woman and that’s why she has to break up with her man? It makes me cry.

Madonna @ The Forum
Also performing on Tuesday and Thursday. Blah Blah Blah.

Tuesday, 5/25
Cardigans/Jonathan Rice @ The Troubadour
This show is sold out, which confuses me because it’s the Cardigans. Maybe everyone is going to see Jonathan Rice, or do people really like the Cardigans?

Wednesday, 5/26
Cursive @ The Troubadour
Also performing on Thursday and Friday as part of the Plea for Peace Tour. Plea for Peace is a tour whose main objective is to get youth communities and young adults excited about voting, let them decide what is right for them and give them a voice for the future. For more info, go to Cursive’s website.

Sky Parade (feat. members of Brian Jonestown Massacre & The Warlocks)/Silversun Pickups @ Fais Do Do (a Little Radio event)
You've been listening to Little Radio, right? It's back on the air at 87.9fm.

Thursday, 5/27
Joey McIntyre @ The Knitting Factory
I can’t believe that I had to check the spelling of Joey’s last name to type that listing. This is a name I used to doodle over and over again when I was ten. Mrs. Joey McIntyre. Mrs. Kerry McIntyre. Mrs. Kerry (mylastname)-McIntyre. And now he comes to town and I am not even going to his show. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m totally going.

Friday, 5/28
Prince @ Staples Center
He’s doing a bunch of nights at the Staples Center. I like Prince’s music, but he scares me a little.

Mountain Goats @ Spaceland

The Apple @ The Nuart (midnight screening)
Brian loves the Apple more than any human being should love a cheesy movie. If you aren't familar with this cult classic, consider staying up late and going. It's worth it.

Saturday, 5/29
Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players @ Troubadour
THIS SHOW IS CANCELED. Don’t know why. Check your hotel pool. They are probably there.

Sunday, 5/30
Sondre Lerche @ Troubadour
First night of a 2-night stand at the Troub.

Friday, May 21, 2004

At the Movies ©

But first some quick bits:
“I feel like 1/2 of Franz is hitting on me and other 1/2 is telling me to piss off.” Chris, my gay boy toy, on trying to decide if he is wasting him time lusting after Franz Ferdinand.

Courtney Love does LA, Friday July 23rd at the Palladium. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am PST on ticketmaster. I don’t like her music, but feel like she would definitely put on a show. Though spending my disposable income on the train wreck that is Courtney seems wasteful, so I probably won’t go.

Opening this week
Shrek 2

The Arclight has a special “adults only” screening that involves alcohol. They also have some special things for the kids with a 10-foot 3-D Shrek figure, an exhibit of behind-the-scenes animation artwork, kid's packs at the concession stand, and giveaways (while they last) of trading cards and calendars for our guests 12 and under in the Cinerama Dome. I’m going to go and try to pass as 12. I love this theater.

Everything else opening this weekend is limited release; LA or NY. That said, let’s make wagers on how much Shrek 2 will bring in at the box office this weekend. I’m guessing $52 million. Leave your answers in the comment section. Whoever is right will win some DVDs or something. I don’t know what exactly, but I’ll make it good.

Top of the Box

Van Helsing
Their version of the wolfman looks silly. It’s not scary.

Mean Girls
I’m actually planning to finally see this movie this weekend.

Man on Fire
Goes to show you how important the release date of a movie is and how that directly affects the film’s success. Any other time, this movie would have dropped out of the top 5 after the second week.

Breakin All the Rules
My brother contributed to this coming in at number 5 by going on opening night. And he’s supposed to be a genius? Please. We now know who got all the brains in the family.

The guy who made Supersize Me is doing a Q & A at the Arclight tonight at 9:50pm following a screening of the documentary. If I wasn’t already going to Death Cab, I would be there asking him why the hell I crave McDonald’s more after seeing his film.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Another reason why we need more public transportation

Went out last night, and had a little run in with the LAPD, thanks to the pursuit of the ever elusive free parking in Hollywood. My friend, who will remain nameless, was driving. We had just left the Standard Hotel downtown because the Fader party was boring, and decided to meet up with some friends at Nacional and check out the Death from Above after party at Star Shoes. To preface, my friend the driver was not drinking, though did have a glass of wine with dinner hours before I met her to go out. So we are driving down Hollywood Blvd, and I see the ever elusive free parking spot, but she had drove past it just enough to make us doubt going in reverse to get it. I, being of bad judgment in general when it comes to operating a moving vehicle (i.e. I’m a bad driver.), thinks it’s ok to just drive in reverse on Hollywood Blvd at midnight in the wrong direction, since, hey, no one’s coming. The driver agrees with me since finding a parking space in that neighborhood at that time is rare. Anything to save a buck, right? So we do it, and make it into the spot just fine. That’s when two motorcycle police officers pull up and let us know we are morons. They ask my driver if she was drinking, and she offers up her glass of wine with dinner (which was forever ago at this point, but points for honestly, right?). That earns her a full out drunk driving test, walking the line, touching your nose, doing the hokey pokey and turning yourself around. I stand at the side, encouraging her, but still nervous because what if that one glass of wine is enough to arrest her? So my friend, bless her, is kind of a character in her own right and doesn’t follow directions well on a good day. The officer tells her to extend her foot heel out, and she bends her knee and points her toe to the ground. Did I mention, she was sober? She was able to complete all the tests (in her own way), but he still did a breathalyzer, which she passed, and we were on our way, no ticket, no fine. Oh, and we got to keep the parking spot.

Lesson learned? Drunk people should valet. Kidding, Mom.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

some news

Some awesome Billboard charting this week: Modest Mouse up 11 spots to #23, Franz Ferdinand up 42 spots to #65. Tell me blogs had nothing to do with this. Go on, tell me.

Kerry (John Kerry, not me) and Nader to meet. Kerry said he is not looking to talk anyone out of running for President, though he does intend on targeting Nader supporters with his campaign. I say skip all that and just choose Nader as his running mate. They would be unstoppable together. Though it would be risky since conservative democrats see Nader as a loose cannon, think about all the third-party voters Kerry would instantly swoop up. I doubt Nader would give up so easily on his own campaign however. Remember that Nader pot-lot in Jersey I posted about a few days back? If you are in the area, please go this Sunday and ask Ralphy why he and Johnny can’t just join forces. Oh, and if you could e-mail me his answer, that would be awesome. Thanks.

The Osbournes get their own ice cream flavors. Is this necessary?

Just heard on KXLU that some girl is accusing a security guard at the El Rey for beating her up and is planning on suing. I don’t know what this is about or if it is even true. If you do, e-mail me.

The NY Times discusses Tony Soprano’s dream in last Sunday’s episode. Though that episode annoyed me to no end for being so abstract, I’m glad at least somebody is talking about it. Why does no one care about the Soprano’s anymore?

At the bottom of this gossip piece that ran in Saturday’s LA Daily News reciting all of the celebrities who were at the various gaming parties for E3 they comment “Danger Mouse? Don't feel bad. We don't know who he is either.” And they call themselves journalists? Ever heard of research? Way to have your finger on the pulse LA Daily News.

In more penguin fun, try the bloody version.

And congratulations go to Cindy and Christian, who just had a baby girl named Riley Lynne Byrns.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Happy to be sad

So I went to the Ben Lee show last night, and though he was good, The Like just blew him off the stage. Watch for them. They’re like the Go-Gos meeting Sleater Kinney at the junior prom. But, back to Ben Lee… He did a cover of Modest Mouse’sFloat On.” That was pretty cool, and inspired a sing along to the original while driving home with friends. He also finished with a song that had lyrics which went something along the lines of:

They play Good Charlotte on the radio
And that’s good enough for me.
They play Rilo Kiley on the radio (side note: Jenny Lewis was in attendance)
And that’s good enough for me.
They play Beyonce on the radio
And that’s good enough for me.
They don’t play me on the radio.
But that’s alright with me.

That kind of made me sad, but also smile at the same time.

Speaking of being sad but smiling, Jimmy Fallon’s last episode of SNL was this past Saturday. I tried watching it amidst a birthday party in a bungalow at the Château Marmont, but we were barely able to get people to quiet for the Olsen Twin’s monologue (or duo-logue… whatever it’s called when two people are monologing at the same time.) See, typing that sentence made me sad but smile. It’s sad that I’d rather stop a party to watch SNL, but at the same time, that’s kind of funny to me, so I smile. Sad but smiling: the new ugly-hot.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Um, who were all those people?

The party was fun. Thanks for all 3 million of you for showing up.
Loved the drinks some of you brought: Country Club 40’s, Bahama Mama Breezers (the only drink that was left funnily enough), and boxed wine brought by the one and only Jess Blueprint which was taken from its box at one point and squeezed into various people’s mouths like a medicine bag. Yes, we were a classy bunch. Things overheard were “This is like a frat party with faux hawks,” and “It’s ok, they obviously can afford it,” said by a person having a food fight from the window in the living room on the 2nd floor onto our front lawn. That person is lucky that Mo and I didn’t see or hear him say that ourselves, otherwise he would have been thrown out of said second floor window.

We went on to enjoy the rest of our weekend by seeing Supersize Me. It’s a great documentary about a guy who eats nothing but McDonald’s for a month straight and proves how bad that crap actually is by suffering some serious health problems as a result. For some reason, I left the theater craving some McFries. You know you have a problem when you still want something even after finding out how bad it really is for you. Chicken McNuggets are even more disgusting to me now though.

Speaking of, I killed a squirrel on my way into work this morning. I still feel horrible about it. It was running across the street and I thought he was going to make it safely, but at the last second he turned and ran back towards my car. Then I heard a crunch and saw him in my review mirror. It was my first road kill.

And congrats go out to Sergio, who just completed law school. I’m so proud of you!

On Tap

I’ll get to the party later, until then, Scott has a few pics on his site from it.

Monday, 5/17
Ben Lee @ Spaceland
Holy crap I almost missed catching this. And it’s free!

Patrick Wolf in-store @ Amoeba

Last Tourist @ Small’s
This show is in Detroit.

Tuesday, 5/18
Res Screening @ The Egyptian
See what Scott GetOutLa and Casey TaleofTwoCities have to say about it.

Elf Power/The Few @ Spaceland

Wednesday, 5/19
Bob Schneider @ The Roxy
In his own little category of people big somewhere else (but not England… he’s from Texas), yet have repeatedly failed to cross over in other markets. See also: Robbie Williams, Stereophonics.

Golden Arms @ Silverlake Lounge

Helen Stellar @ Fais Do Do (Little Radio show)

Josh Rouse @ Largo

Paloalto @ Viper Room

Death from Above/Wires on Fire @ Spaceland

Thursday, 5/20
Sleater Kinney/Quasi @ El Rey
First of two nights.

Friday, 5/21
Death Cab for Cutie/+/- @ Wiltern
So. Much. Awesome.

Saturday, 5/22
Clinic @ Knitting Factory
I know I posted this show last month and was wrong. It’s actually this Saturday.

The Hard Place @ Spaceland

Sunday, 5/23
Cat Power @ Troubadour
This show is sold out, but Monday night’s is not yet. Go and heckle her. It will only make her stronger.

RJD2 @ El Rey

Friday, May 14, 2004

I wonder if Nader likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

For all my peeps back home: even if you don’t plan on voting for him, this sounds educational and yummy:

Meet & Greet Presidential Candidate RALPH NADER for a Pot-luck Petition Party!

Date: Sunday, May 23 - 7:00 p.m.

Location: 58 Battle Road, Princeton

$35 Admission
But FREE if you collect 50 petition signatures

The Nader campaign in New Jersey has two objectives
during the month of May: Raise money for the campaign
and collect 1,500 signatures to get Ralph on the
ballot. You can show your support and have some fun
by coming out on May 23 and either contributing $35
or bringing a petition booklet with 50 signatures.

We'll get you a petition booklet ASAP if you want to
collect signatures to present to Ralph.
Or call: 201-314-9747
(leave message: "I want a NJ petition")

On May 23 Ralph Nader will talk about the state of
the country, the developing quagmire in Iraq, and
the goals of his campaign. This will be an informal
event, with lots of time to ask questions and discuss
issues with Ralph and other campaign supporters.
Please bring a friend and bring a dish to share.

At the Movies ©

Opening this week

Gay men everywhere are so excited.

Breakin’ All the Rules
…of how to make a good movie.

Coffee and Cigarettes
Go see it. I don’t care if you heard it was bad or not. Since when do you let people decide your opinions for you?

Top of the Box (Office)

Van Helsing
I’d still rather see a movie about zombies.

Mean Girls
It’s no 13 Going on 30.

Man on Fire
I’m tired of trying to think of something to say about this film. Hopefully it drops out of the top 5 by next week so I can just be done with it already.

New York Minute
How can a bomb take #4 in the box office charts?

13 Going on 30
It’s not as good as I keep saying it is, but Mark Ruffalo could star in a local theater production about a monkey peeling a banana and I would think it was brilliant.

Get Saved!

I went to the premiere of Saved! last night, though I had promised myself I was going to go straight home from work. I caved at the last minute and went. I think it was the free popcorn that put me over the edge.

Anywho, I was really excited to see Macaulay Culkin. Ever since Party Monster, I’ve wanted to be his best friend, which probably marked the most welcome comeback since John Travolta appearing in Pulp Fiction. Ok that is a gross overstatement… nevermind. So while keeping an eye out for Mac, of course I run into Adam “the stalker” Brody. I can’t go anywhere in this town without bumping into this yahoo. Lindsay Lohan was also on hand, and yes they are real. Let’s move and stop fixating on an underager’s breasts thank you very much. Michael Stipe, producer of Saved, was there in all his REM glory, as well as Adam Duritz, who was amongst our group awaiting an elevator back to our respective cars. I couldn’t remember any of the lyrics to a Counting Crows song and missed my chance at comedic genius by breaking into song in front of him, but will be better prepared next time, Mr. Jones (wink, wink). There were a bunch of others there as well such as stars of the film Jena Malone and Patrick Fugit, Seth Green, and Mila Kunis (Mac’s girlfriend… whatever), but probably the most disturbing attendee was the teenage transvestite. If anyone was there, can you please explain that to me? I’m all down for people being different, but this kid had to be like 15, wearing a slinky, Britney-style dress, no wig, yet lots of make-up. His presence confused me to no end. Biggest disappointment was not seeing Mandy Moore, who was alarmingly orange throughout the entire film.
Ah yes, the film. Saved is an off-beat comedy that pokes fun of a group of Born-Agains and their narrow-mindedness while trying to convey the message that we’re all ok even if we’re not “normal.” The message here is a bit cloudy, and almost comes off as written by someone with a vendetta against organized religion for personal reasons. I’m all for questioning religion, organized groups, and popular opinion, but this film’s way of going about it seemed juvenile. Don’t get me wrong, I liked this film. I found it funny and engaging. It’s even worth the 12 bucks it costs to go the movies these days. I just wouldn’t consider it thought provoking or groundbreaking. It does showcase some great talent, however. Jena Malone picks great roles, so I know if she is in a movie I am going to like it. I’m not sure if she can act though since she does the same puppy dog eyes in all of her films. Macaulay, well, you can probably guess where I stand on his awesomeness. Patrick Fugit: slowly growing out of his awkward phase. Mandy Moore was almost too good as the annoying, super-religious-to-an-evil-degree girl. You wanted to smack her, which I don’t know is because she is Mandy Moore, or because she is that good of an actor. I’m going to say it’s a bit of both. Side note: Must Mandy have it written into her contract that she has to sing in every movie she is in? And finally, Eva Amurri (Susan Sarrandon and Tim Robbin’s daughter) was the hands down highlight of the entire film. She was only character whose storyline actually grabbed me.
All in all, it was good film.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

This morning...

I woke up late for work, not because I went out last night, but because I had some vicious zombie dreams. Yes, I’m still dreaming about a zombie invasion. When will this madness end?

I get told by IT that I’m no longer allowed to listen to KEXP while at work. WTF?! At least I’m not banned from Whatevs… yet.

My cousin Bobby sent me this link. Description is: “This site has been created to educate, inform and increase the little known demographic of the Conservative Punk. This is not C-SPAN meets MTV; this site boasts conservatives from well-known artist Michale Graves of Gotham Road and former lead singer of the Misfits, to conservative talk show host and former rock jock Andrew Wilkow, to the average person on the street. This site has been created to counteract the multiple liberal punk sites on the web, which are run by only a small number of punk artists who are choosing to make up the minds of thousands of voters.”

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I'm really bad at thinking up witty titles that tie into my posts

The Supersuckers’ cover of Hey Ya just played on KEXP. Yet another reason why that station rules. KEXP makes me proud to have never changed my cell phone number from a Seattle area code to a LA one, though I’ve already lived here twice as long. They are also in the middle of their pledge drive, so do the right thing and donate.

And since those in the blogosphere seem to like the sauce, here’s a little event that I know will be up all of your alleys: Extreme Wine Tasting at The Echo.

When: Thursday, June 17th – 8pm
What: 6 wines from the Sanford Winery & Vineyards of Santa Barbara County as featured in “Sideways,” the novel by Rex Pickett and upcoming Alexander Payne film.

I’m not sure what happens when tasting wine extremely. Maybe helmets are involved? Maybe you must repel down the side of the Echo while drinking? Maybe Dan Cortez--former host of MTV Sports--will be there to do the play by play? Either way, my interest is piqued, not peaked (thanks Grambo).

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

U.S. Rep. Pete Stark shows his lack of class by phoning up Staff Sgt. Dan Dow, a member of the National Guard, who faxed in a letter to show his disapproval of the legislator's recent vote against a resolution condemning the abuse of Iraqi prisoners. In this already infamous voicemail, Stark accused the Sgt. Dow of not being able to spell or write his own letter. No word yet on whether or not Stark mentioned if Dow’s mama is ugly as well. (Thanks to Brian for sending me this my way and making sure I stay on top of current events that include more than popstars and unknown british bands.)

And to elaborate on a bit mentioned this morning, Cathy is now obsessed with telling me that KFC now stands for Kitchen Fresh Chicken. I’ve yet to hear this new slogan for KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, but believe her nonetheless. Point is, Kitchen Fresh mean fresh out of the deep fryer. I ain’t buying it, Colonel.


Changing your template is the new pouring your beer over you head. Seems to me that Ultra started both of these trends.

McDonald’s reveals “adult happy meal,” which is a salad and some exercise tips. Sounds like a desperate act of a dying food chain reminiscent of Kentucky Fried Chicken only referring to itself as KFC ever since we learn that fried food isn’t good for you.

It’s weird to read a story on CNN that uses the word “pimps” repeatedly. Unfortunately, they aren’t referring to Snoop Dogg here, but instead an underage prostitution ring.

Sorry fellas, Kate Beckinsale is married. Even my gay friend Chris couldn’t shut up about how beautiful Kate is in Van Helsing.

Buzz Bands, probably the most readable part of the LA Times Calendar section, mentions Dios and Actionslacks. I’m late to catching this, but congrats Tim for getting some well deserved ink.

Snow Patrol’s live show is reviewed. Don’t worry if you missed them this time, they tell me they are coming back around September. I’m stocking up on Duct tape now.

50-Cent stops show when someone from the audience throws water at him. The man can take a few bullets, but not a little Evian? Success makes you soft I guess.

Monday, May 10, 2004

On Tap

I could get all philosophical about my visit home and the marriage of my best friend. I could tell you how weird it is to see her pregnant and visiting her new home that she just bought with her new husband. But that’s not interesting to you. It’s not even interesting to me. It is what it is. But going home and having a virtual high school reunion at the local bar with people you haven’t seen in eight years is such a trip, I think I can bypass the 10-year reunion now. First off, people don’t remember you the way you think they do. I was told I used to be “bookish,” “sporty,” and “quiet and nice,” as if I’m none of those things anymore. I was also told that I never seemed to type to dye my hair (you think people have never seen highlights before from the way they reacted.) I don’t really think I changed that much, but evidentially, I did. And second, years later, it doesn’t matter if you were cool or not in high school. If you don’t leave town, you all will become friends with each other. At one point in the evening I introduced a “nerd” to a “jock.” They laughed and informed me that they came there together. These are two people who never acknowledged each other in the halls in high school. I don’t know whether I should be happy about this, or disappointed in them both.

And to finally give you an idea about the backwoods town in Jersey I’m from, while at the rehearsal dinner, one groomsman turns to the other groomsman and says, “You know what May 25th is?” “No,” they all reply. “New Slipknot album, dude.” This is followed by high fives all around. I wanted to turn to them and ask, “You boys like shitty music?” but then thought better of it.

And people ask me when I intend on moving back.

Monday, 5/10
Ben Lee @ The Hotel Café
I went through a huge Ben Lee phase while in college. I found him through a sampler after attending my first CMJfest, and was instantly hooked. He’s kind of hokey, but in an awesome way. Of course, this show is sold out. But still go and listen from the sidewalk.

Danger Mouse in-store performance @ Amoeba

Greg Proops Chat Show w/ Laura Kightlinger and John C. Reilly @ Largo
I don’t know exactly what this is, but I like Laura Kightlinger and John C. Reilly.

Rock & Roll Karaoke Mondays @ Bigfoot Lounge
I’ve never mentioned the Bigfoot’s Karaoke nights here yet, though it is definitely noteworthy. They brag the “best karaoke catalog in LA!” in their listing. They just might be right.

Tuesday, 5/11
The Mooney Suzuki @ Roxy
These guys were rock stars before they were rock stars if you know what I mean. Actually I don’t know what I mean, but they rock.

Kennedy/The Few/and more @ Silverlake Lounge

Wednesday, 5/12
Little Radio night @ Fais Do-Do featuring Silversun Pickups/Alaska!
Local pirate radio station Little Radio has started having shows every Wednesday at Fais Do-Do.

Division of Laura Lee/The Catheters @ Troubadour
D.O.L.L. has a lot of potential and seems to get better and better. Run Run Run is also on the bill.

Ambulance LTD @ Spaceland
Worth it. Tsar is also on this bill. I like Tsar.

French Kicks in-store performance @ Ameoba

Thursday, 5/13
Heather Duby in-store @ Sea Level Records

Friday, 5/14
The Housewarming party @ Mo and Mine’s
We’re having a party. If you didn’t get the invite, it’s probably because I don’t have your e-mail, you live far away, I haven’t sent yours out yet, or I’m just a moron. It was not intentional. E-mail me so I can send you the address. We’re also celebrating Courtney’s birthday, Jen moving, and a bunch of other stuff. Regardless, I’m kicking people out at 4am (or 5am… who am I kidding?) I’m not waking up again the day after my party to strangers still in my living room trying to pretend the sun didn’t come out and refilling their glasses.

Ben Kweller/The French Kicks/On the Speakers @ Henry Fonda
The only reason why you should be showing up late for the housewarming. And if that is the case, you need to bring Ben Kweller with you. Possibly the nicest, most polite boy ever.

Saturday, 5/15
Dennis Quaid and the Sharks @ The Canyon
Because Innerspace was a good movie.

Sunday, 5/16
Aren’t you supposed to rest on the seventh day?

Thursday, May 06, 2004

At the Movies ©

Opening this Week
Van Helsing: Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale star in this ultimate good vs. evil showdown. Dracula, Wolf Man, and Frankenstein star. Hhhmm… sounds really similar to the 1980’s hit The Monster Squad. Remember that one? “Wolfman’s got nards!” I think I’ll just watch that instead on VHS.

New York Minute: So much has already been said, I’m feeling less than ambitious to even throw my hand into that game. How soon until they run out of stories starring twins? I doubt a twin romp will ever been nominated for an academy award, and these girls must someday want some real roles to sink their teeth into, no? So my next question is, which one will become the has-been, and which one will attempt to become Jodie Foster? My money is on Mary Ashley. I mean, Ashley Kate. Oh, I don’t know… the red headed one!

Seeing Other People: Simpson’s writer and friend-of-Wes Anderson, Wallace Wolodarsky directs this film about last flings before marriage. Appearances by Andy Richter (yes!), Liz Phair (yes!), Helen “The Legend of Billy Jean” Slater (yes!), and Jonathan Davis from Korn (y…wait, what?! NO!)

Top of the Box (office)
Mean Girls: Can’t wait for the sequel: “Caddy, Petty, Yet Nice-to-Your-Face Women.”

Man on Fire: Please let Dakota Fanning go through less of an awkward phase than Haley Joel Osment.

13 Going on 30: I love chick flicks almost as much as I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This one I may love more.

Godsend: DeNiro losing his mojo? Just hurry up and put out Meet the Fockers and redeem yourself.

Laws of Attraction: I bet this romantic comedy would have been a hit if it stared Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. People love that pairing. Just ask my Dad. I’ve never seen a grown man watch You’ve Got Mail or Sleepless in Seattle more often than him.

News bites.

Man has 6 nails shot into head with a nail gun and survives. I’m speechless. The x-ray shot is worth clicking through to the link.

There is some sitcom ending tonight. I can’t remember which one it is, but I think it might be Everyone Loves Raymond. I don’t know. But seriously, I was home watching the beginning of the Friend’s 20/20 special, I went out to a show, came home, and 20/20 WAS STILL ON. All I can think about how much it must suck to be Frasier right now.

Hazing nowadays includes eating pig intestines. It’s time to cancel Fear Factor before they get any more ideas.

I’m seriously tired of paying $2.12 for regular gasoline. Show me a candidate that can fix this please.

Naomi Cambell wins landmark privacy case against Britain’s media. I have a feeling though she might be the type of person that freaks out when the cameras actually go away. Regardless, good for her.

Picasso's "Boy With the Pipe" set a new world record for the most expensive painting ever sold going for $104,168,000 at Sotheby's auction. I’m sure this unknown bidder knew what he or she was doing when he or she decided to lay down that kind of cash for a piece of art. I’m mean, I’m sure they thought about putting it towards solving world hunger or something, but decided that painting is really going to match nicely with their rugs in the guest bedroom and they just had to have it. In unrelated artists-getting-money news, labels are forced to pay back royalties.

Oasis does drugs. Duh. Next they are going to tell us that Courtney Love does also. Wait, she does. Where is Hansen when you need them? Wait, there they are.

Big earthquake movie gearing to take sweeps. Supposedly to be as hilarious as “The Day After.” (No I’m not talking about "The Day After Tomorrow". I’m referring to the nuclear war comedy that aired as a TV movie of the week and scared the bejesus out of everyone. And by comedy, I mean depressing alarmist drama.)

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Movie star almost causes car wreck in Hollywood

I just saw Ashton "I'm really 30" Kutcher shooting something on Vine and Santa Monica. I was in my car, driving to a record label that will remained unnamed to pick up some shoes from a friend. Traffic slowed due to some filming. At closer inspection, there was Ashton, outside some restaurant type looking building taking directions from the director. The light turned green, and I had to go. I would have turned to crank my neck in order to make double sure it was truly indeed Mr. Kutcher, but I am a horrible driver as it is, and well, safety first. (I’m from NJ, remember?) THIS IS WHY I NEED A CAMERA PHONE. For more info on how to contribute to the “Let’s buy Kerry a camera phone fund” please e-mail me at Though my birthday isn’t until September, I am willing to let those of you who would have bought me something then cash in your chips now.

Onto less exciting news, I’m finally unpacked into the new apartment that I’m sharing with Mo (party invite going out soon I hope… for the record it’s May 14th.) For the new digs I bought a new dresser and nightstand. Being a young-twenty-something, I of course bought these items from Ikea. I mean, that’s just what we do, right? I’m usually really happy with the Ikea purchases, but this time I’m starting to feel too old for the furniture giant. I mean, how silly do I feel needing a little bent piece of metal in place of a real screwdriver in order to put together my pieces? It screams lame. It’s like I’m still in pull-ups while all the big kids are wearing real cotton under-roos. (It could be worse, I could be in diapers. Aka, living with my parents.) But I digress. So I attempt to put together the nightstand, and I swear there are some holes missing or something. It’s not going together. I give up for the night, accepting I need to live out of a suitcase for yet another day. While telling co-workers my furniture assembly issues, they laugh at me and assure me I’m the idiot, not Ikea. Well, HA-HA, people. Ikea screwed up. I went back last night, and they DID indeed forget some holes. So for the record, you get what you pay for when you decide to go the Ikea route. At least I got a Fro-Yo for a dollar while there.

And I just turned down a free ticket to Muse tonight at the Mayan because I promised to see The Golden Arms at Spaceland. I’m a good friend. Someone give me a cookie. Mike: You better rock.

Oh and since it’s been almost a whole post without and Snow Patrol news, here’s a little contest Filter put together where you can win a SP prize pack.

Let there be pictures

FOWSSI heard on Kroq this morning that Mischa Barton was getting rep for being a diva and a brat and that she was spotted rolling around with her boyfriend at "a Coachella party" after a massive public fight. Me thinks someone at Kroq reads blogs.

In other related Coachella news… I finally got some pictures to post courtesy of Uncle Grambo. Enjoy.

Here is a Grambo sandwich. Stacy’s on the left, I’m on the right “making love to the camera” as they say in the photo-world. I like to refer to Grambo as "My Grambo" sung to the tune of "My Coco" by Stellastar*. Fun for the whole family.

Here we have us ladies loving the Peabs. Who doesn’t love the Peabs?

Dirty and Damore… Damore brought the A-game to this party but making sure his hygiene was intact by repeatedly bathing himself in alcohol. I couldn’t tell if he has a germ-phobia, or is just a party animal. You judge.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

German Idol

I’m starting to understand why David Hasselhoff is so popular in Germany. (must click on the David link for a really awesome video.) Check out their form of entertainment. Rumor is these kids will be headlining Coachella next year.

This weekend was Bananaz

Where to begin? I kind of alluded to the fun that was had on Thursday meeting Mark and Damore for the first time in person, seeing Snow Patrol on Kimmel, and staying out too late the night before the Coachella festivities. But on Friday night, we kicked it up a notch and turned a bad party into one of the best times ever. See Filter has this kick-off party every year, and usually they are good. This year however had the stench of a frat party, complete with Smirnoff drinks and shots. But being with Peabs, Mark, Damore and Co. made it one of my favorite parts about this weekend. I don’t think I laughed harder, or felt more instantly attached to people I just met ever. So. Much. Fun.

Coachella started out on Saturday with a death march for 3 miles from our parking spot to the grounds in the insane heat. Not a great start. Then went to see The Stills, who always impress. Afterwards, I attempted to see Stellarstar*, but opted to just sit outside the tent and listen. (Did I mention it was hot?) After Stellastar*, we walked past Death Cab for Cutie on the Outdoor Stage, absorbing as much of their performance as we could while we ran towards salvation (the VIP area.) While there, many ice cold hurricane/lemonade things were drunk, and met up with maybe a quarter of the people I knew going. Then we headed out to see The Rapture, which were great, but for some reason I had a case of the A.D.D. I don’t know what filled up the time between them and the Pixies, but all I know was that Adam Brody stood next to us during their performance and since I’m not really a fan of The OC, or him for that matter, so I felt no shame in asking him for a piece of gum. He looked at me with his bloodshot, squinty eyes and answered in an unintelligible way. You make your own conclusions there. The Pixies were great, by the way. Radiohead did their thing, which is also always good. Then we ventured over to Kraftwerk to see a bit of their performance. They’re like a boring version of The Blue Man Group, just standing before you in a line with laptops on a pedestal while a screen runs images and sentences behind them. We decided to stand outside and try to meet up with The Detroit posse, but once Radiohead finished, it seemed like the entire crowd started to descend towards the Kraftwerk tent. It completely freaked me out because they were all backlit and, of course, I liken it to a zombie invasion. So we took off to the parties, hitting up the Spin one first, then Urb. The only highlights at the Spin party was seeing Mischa Barton completely forget that she is now famous and her actions at a party like this will make the gossip rounds faster than you can say “grass stains.” And the second had to do with my skirt and it not being in place where it needed to be for a short time being. Note to self, next time you do the “bumping hips” dance with a friend, make sure your skirt returns to its normal position. The Urb party had TV on the Radio and Danger Mouse perform, and seemed to have a much better vibe to it. It still had the cool kids, but the kind of cool kids that weren’t afraid to have fun. But at that point it was 2am, we hadn’t sleep in three days, and couldn’t wait to get to bed.

Sunday, Stacy and I punked out (much like the boys punked out on Saturday night… just kidding. I love you guys.) and didn’t attempt to get to the festival until 5pm. Too bad traffic kept us from getting there until 6pm. Lame. But we were fresh and ready to tackle the crowds, so that’s just what we did. Dizzee Rascal, the most hard to understand man in music, started out his set saying “You know the words… Sing along,” while proceeding to rap in a language that might has well have been Pig Latin. If someone in the crowd actually did know the words, I would have been really impressed. Then it was Air, who are so French, and so good. Favorite performance from Sunday had to be Basement Jaxx. Holy crap, are they awesome. Then it was the Flaming Lips and The Cure. By this time, I was just getting amped up which left me unable to sleep at all that night, so I read Spin cover to cover and found it enthralling.

To sum up, though you may never find your friends in the massive crowds, you will repeatedly run into Howie Day and Jared Leto (not together however). While Jared Leto endured people approaching him for pictures and whatnot, Howie Day walked around without even one person trying to say hello (interesting what a little sexual assault stigma can do your game.) Traffic is a soul-sucking situation. Heat can make you apathetic towards some of your favorite bands. Not having cell reception is extremely frustrating. But seeing some amazing bands within a desert setting really is beautiful.

But Goldenvoice, next time can you hold this is in say, February, and only let in 30,000 people? Thanks. Smooch.

Pictures are forth coming.

Real Quick

Want to see some Stills instore hotness sent to me by Emily? Yeah, I thought you did.

Also, Ryan tells me that Ian Mackaye's new band The Evens are playing tonight at Self Help Graphics fresh off their performance from Coachella. He describes them as Fugazi unplugged. Go and ask Ian why performed at a festival that charged way more that 5 dollars to attend.

Speaking of.... the recap is coming. I swear.

Monday, May 03, 2004

On Tap

I’m back. I’ll do a proper write in a bit about the lost weekend in the desert, but first here’s this week’s to dos.

Monday, 5/3
The Stills in-store @ Tower Records in Sherman Oaks (8pm)
I actually still want to go to this though I know I shouldn’t since I’m working on 3 hours of sleep and don’t even have my bed set up in my new apartment. If you’re new, I adore The Stills. I might actually make an adult decision here though and just go home after work. I guess I’m maturing.

Tuesday, 5/4
Los Lonely Boys @ The Troubadour

Wednesday, 5/5
Happy Birthday to my Dad.

Muse @ The Mayan
Missed them at Coachella because I crapped out since I’m spoiled by seeing a lot of shows and not usually having endure 100 degree heat in the middle of a crowd of 50,000. My logic for missing them was knowing that this show is taking place and that I could just go then.

Golden Arms @ Spaceland
This my friend’s Mike’s band. He’s got impeccable taste in music, and no doubt will rock. Sea Change is headlining.

Danger Mouse @ The Henry Fonda
This guy is everywhere. He’s the newest “guy to get” to DJ parties. He performed at the URB party on Saturday night at Coachella. Stacy, Jess and I listened to him while trying in earnest to get our ride to leave since we were broken as people at that point.

Thursday, 5/6

Happy Birthday to my Bro.

Snow Patrol @ Troubadour
Nate is putting us on the list (that’s what you get for kidnapping people I guess). He’s going to regret it once we start screaming out things to him during his set just to embarrass him for our own personal enjoyment.

Actionslacks w/ Starflyer 59 @ Spaceland.
My friend Tim is in the Actionslacks, and they are fantastic. Starflyer 59 ain’t bad either. All and all, this is a good bill.

Mars Volta @ The Wiltern

Friday, 5/7
The Fall @ Spaceland

Snow Patrol instore @ Amoeba
Sadly, I will be in NJ during this. But DEFINTELY go if you didn’t get tickets to their Troubadour show. You won’t be disappointed.

Saturday, 5/8
Revlon Run/Walk for Cancer
Not too late to do!

Of Montreal @ The Echo
A Casey recommendation.

My best friend’s wedding (not the movie, but the actual wedding of my best friend)
I hope the bridesmaid dress still fits.

Sunday, 5/9
Mother’s Day.
Send your mom some flowers. She deserves it.