Thursday, May 20, 2004

Another reason why we need more public transportation

Went out last night, and had a little run in with the LAPD, thanks to the pursuit of the ever elusive free parking in Hollywood. My friend, who will remain nameless, was driving. We had just left the Standard Hotel downtown because the Fader party was boring, and decided to meet up with some friends at Nacional and check out the Death from Above after party at Star Shoes. To preface, my friend the driver was not drinking, though did have a glass of wine with dinner hours before I met her to go out. So we are driving down Hollywood Blvd, and I see the ever elusive free parking spot, but she had drove past it just enough to make us doubt going in reverse to get it. I, being of bad judgment in general when it comes to operating a moving vehicle (i.e. I’m a bad driver.), thinks it’s ok to just drive in reverse on Hollywood Blvd at midnight in the wrong direction, since, hey, no one’s coming. The driver agrees with me since finding a parking space in that neighborhood at that time is rare. Anything to save a buck, right? So we do it, and make it into the spot just fine. That’s when two motorcycle police officers pull up and let us know we are morons. They ask my driver if she was drinking, and she offers up her glass of wine with dinner (which was forever ago at this point, but points for honestly, right?). That earns her a full out drunk driving test, walking the line, touching your nose, doing the hokey pokey and turning yourself around. I stand at the side, encouraging her, but still nervous because what if that one glass of wine is enough to arrest her? So my friend, bless her, is kind of a character in her own right and doesn’t follow directions well on a good day. The officer tells her to extend her foot heel out, and she bends her knee and points her toe to the ground. Did I mention, she was sober? She was able to complete all the tests (in her own way), but he still did a breathalyzer, which she passed, and we were on our way, no ticket, no fine. Oh, and we got to keep the parking spot.

Lesson learned? Drunk people should valet. Kidding, Mom.