Friday, May 14, 2004

At the Movies ©

Opening this week

Gay men everywhere are so excited.

Breakin’ All the Rules
…of how to make a good movie.

Coffee and Cigarettes
Go see it. I don’t care if you heard it was bad or not. Since when do you let people decide your opinions for you?

Top of the Box (Office)

Van Helsing
I’d still rather see a movie about zombies.

Mean Girls
It’s no 13 Going on 30.

Man on Fire
I’m tired of trying to think of something to say about this film. Hopefully it drops out of the top 5 by next week so I can just be done with it already.

New York Minute
How can a bomb take #4 in the box office charts?

13 Going on 30
It’s not as good as I keep saying it is, but Mark Ruffalo could star in a local theater production about a monkey peeling a banana and I would think it was brilliant.