Friday, May 21, 2004

At the Movies ©

But first some quick bits:
“I feel like 1/2 of Franz is hitting on me and other 1/2 is telling me to piss off.” Chris, my gay boy toy, on trying to decide if he is wasting him time lusting after Franz Ferdinand.

Courtney Love does LA, Friday July 23rd at the Palladium. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am PST on ticketmaster. I don’t like her music, but feel like she would definitely put on a show. Though spending my disposable income on the train wreck that is Courtney seems wasteful, so I probably won’t go.

Opening this week
Shrek 2

The Arclight has a special “adults only” screening that involves alcohol. They also have some special things for the kids with a 10-foot 3-D Shrek figure, an exhibit of behind-the-scenes animation artwork, kid's packs at the concession stand, and giveaways (while they last) of trading cards and calendars for our guests 12 and under in the Cinerama Dome. I’m going to go and try to pass as 12. I love this theater.

Everything else opening this weekend is limited release; LA or NY. That said, let’s make wagers on how much Shrek 2 will bring in at the box office this weekend. I’m guessing $52 million. Leave your answers in the comment section. Whoever is right will win some DVDs or something. I don’t know what exactly, but I’ll make it good.

Top of the Box

Van Helsing
Their version of the wolfman looks silly. It’s not scary.

Mean Girls
I’m actually planning to finally see this movie this weekend.

Man on Fire
Goes to show you how important the release date of a movie is and how that directly affects the film’s success. Any other time, this movie would have dropped out of the top 5 after the second week.

Breakin All the Rules
My brother contributed to this coming in at number 5 by going on opening night. And he’s supposed to be a genius? Please. We now know who got all the brains in the family.

The guy who made Supersize Me is doing a Q & A at the Arclight tonight at 9:50pm following a screening of the documentary. If I wasn’t already going to Death Cab, I would be there asking him why the hell I crave McDonald’s more after seeing his film.