Friday, May 14, 2004

Get Saved!

I went to the premiere of Saved! last night, though I had promised myself I was going to go straight home from work. I caved at the last minute and went. I think it was the free popcorn that put me over the edge.

Anywho, I was really excited to see Macaulay Culkin. Ever since Party Monster, I’ve wanted to be his best friend, which probably marked the most welcome comeback since John Travolta appearing in Pulp Fiction. Ok that is a gross overstatement… nevermind. So while keeping an eye out for Mac, of course I run into Adam “the stalker” Brody. I can’t go anywhere in this town without bumping into this yahoo. Lindsay Lohan was also on hand, and yes they are real. Let’s move and stop fixating on an underager’s breasts thank you very much. Michael Stipe, producer of Saved, was there in all his REM glory, as well as Adam Duritz, who was amongst our group awaiting an elevator back to our respective cars. I couldn’t remember any of the lyrics to a Counting Crows song and missed my chance at comedic genius by breaking into song in front of him, but will be better prepared next time, Mr. Jones (wink, wink). There were a bunch of others there as well such as stars of the film Jena Malone and Patrick Fugit, Seth Green, and Mila Kunis (Mac’s girlfriend… whatever), but probably the most disturbing attendee was the teenage transvestite. If anyone was there, can you please explain that to me? I’m all down for people being different, but this kid had to be like 15, wearing a slinky, Britney-style dress, no wig, yet lots of make-up. His presence confused me to no end. Biggest disappointment was not seeing Mandy Moore, who was alarmingly orange throughout the entire film.
Ah yes, the film. Saved is an off-beat comedy that pokes fun of a group of Born-Agains and their narrow-mindedness while trying to convey the message that we’re all ok even if we’re not “normal.” The message here is a bit cloudy, and almost comes off as written by someone with a vendetta against organized religion for personal reasons. I’m all for questioning religion, organized groups, and popular opinion, but this film’s way of going about it seemed juvenile. Don’t get me wrong, I liked this film. I found it funny and engaging. It’s even worth the 12 bucks it costs to go the movies these days. I just wouldn’t consider it thought provoking or groundbreaking. It does showcase some great talent, however. Jena Malone picks great roles, so I know if she is in a movie I am going to like it. I’m not sure if she can act though since she does the same puppy dog eyes in all of her films. Macaulay, well, you can probably guess where I stand on his awesomeness. Patrick Fugit: slowly growing out of his awkward phase. Mandy Moore was almost too good as the annoying, super-religious-to-an-evil-degree girl. You wanted to smack her, which I don’t know is because she is Mandy Moore, or because she is that good of an actor. I’m going to say it’s a bit of both. Side note: Must Mandy have it written into her contract that she has to sing in every movie she is in? And finally, Eva Amurri (Susan Sarrandon and Tim Robbin’s daughter) was the hands down highlight of the entire film. She was only character whose storyline actually grabbed me.
All in all, it was good film.