Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I'm really bad at thinking up witty titles that tie into my posts

The Supersuckers’ cover of Hey Ya just played on KEXP. Yet another reason why that station rules. KEXP makes me proud to have never changed my cell phone number from a Seattle area code to a LA one, though I’ve already lived here twice as long. They are also in the middle of their pledge drive, so do the right thing and donate.

And since those in the blogosphere seem to like the sauce, here’s a little event that I know will be up all of your alleys: Extreme Wine Tasting at The Echo.

When: Thursday, June 17th – 8pm
What: 6 wines from the Sanford Winery & Vineyards of Santa Barbara County as featured in “Sideways,” the novel by Rex Pickett and upcoming Alexander Payne film.

I’m not sure what happens when tasting wine extremely. Maybe helmets are involved? Maybe you must repel down the side of the Echo while drinking? Maybe Dan Cortez--former host of MTV Sports--will be there to do the play by play? Either way, my interest is piqued, not peaked (thanks Grambo).