Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Movie star almost causes car wreck in Hollywood

I just saw Ashton "I'm really 30" Kutcher shooting something on Vine and Santa Monica. I was in my car, driving to a record label that will remained unnamed to pick up some shoes from a friend. Traffic slowed due to some filming. At closer inspection, there was Ashton, outside some restaurant type looking building taking directions from the director. The light turned green, and I had to go. I would have turned to crank my neck in order to make double sure it was truly indeed Mr. Kutcher, but I am a horrible driver as it is, and well, safety first. (I’m from NJ, remember?) THIS IS WHY I NEED A CAMERA PHONE. For more info on how to contribute to the “Let’s buy Kerry a camera phone fund” please e-mail me at Though my birthday isn’t until September, I am willing to let those of you who would have bought me something then cash in your chips now.

Onto less exciting news, I’m finally unpacked into the new apartment that I’m sharing with Mo (party invite going out soon I hope… for the record it’s May 14th.) For the new digs I bought a new dresser and nightstand. Being a young-twenty-something, I of course bought these items from Ikea. I mean, that’s just what we do, right? I’m usually really happy with the Ikea purchases, but this time I’m starting to feel too old for the furniture giant. I mean, how silly do I feel needing a little bent piece of metal in place of a real screwdriver in order to put together my pieces? It screams lame. It’s like I’m still in pull-ups while all the big kids are wearing real cotton under-roos. (It could be worse, I could be in diapers. Aka, living with my parents.) But I digress. So I attempt to put together the nightstand, and I swear there are some holes missing or something. It’s not going together. I give up for the night, accepting I need to live out of a suitcase for yet another day. While telling co-workers my furniture assembly issues, they laugh at me and assure me I’m the idiot, not Ikea. Well, HA-HA, people. Ikea screwed up. I went back last night, and they DID indeed forget some holes. So for the record, you get what you pay for when you decide to go the Ikea route. At least I got a Fro-Yo for a dollar while there.

And I just turned down a free ticket to Muse tonight at the Mayan because I promised to see The Golden Arms at Spaceland. I’m a good friend. Someone give me a cookie. Mike: You better rock.

Oh and since it’s been almost a whole post without and Snow Patrol news, here’s a little contest Filter put together where you can win a SP prize pack.