Monday, May 10, 2004

On Tap

I could get all philosophical about my visit home and the marriage of my best friend. I could tell you how weird it is to see her pregnant and visiting her new home that she just bought with her new husband. But that’s not interesting to you. It’s not even interesting to me. It is what it is. But going home and having a virtual high school reunion at the local bar with people you haven’t seen in eight years is such a trip, I think I can bypass the 10-year reunion now. First off, people don’t remember you the way you think they do. I was told I used to be “bookish,” “sporty,” and “quiet and nice,” as if I’m none of those things anymore. I was also told that I never seemed to type to dye my hair (you think people have never seen highlights before from the way they reacted.) I don’t really think I changed that much, but evidentially, I did. And second, years later, it doesn’t matter if you were cool or not in high school. If you don’t leave town, you all will become friends with each other. At one point in the evening I introduced a “nerd” to a “jock.” They laughed and informed me that they came there together. These are two people who never acknowledged each other in the halls in high school. I don’t know whether I should be happy about this, or disappointed in them both.

And to finally give you an idea about the backwoods town in Jersey I’m from, while at the rehearsal dinner, one groomsman turns to the other groomsman and says, “You know what May 25th is?” “No,” they all reply. “New Slipknot album, dude.” This is followed by high fives all around. I wanted to turn to them and ask, “You boys like shitty music?” but then thought better of it.

And people ask me when I intend on moving back.

Monday, 5/10
Ben Lee @ The Hotel Café
I went through a huge Ben Lee phase while in college. I found him through a sampler after attending my first CMJfest, and was instantly hooked. He’s kind of hokey, but in an awesome way. Of course, this show is sold out. But still go and listen from the sidewalk.

Danger Mouse in-store performance @ Amoeba

Greg Proops Chat Show w/ Laura Kightlinger and John C. Reilly @ Largo
I don’t know exactly what this is, but I like Laura Kightlinger and John C. Reilly.

Rock & Roll Karaoke Mondays @ Bigfoot Lounge
I’ve never mentioned the Bigfoot’s Karaoke nights here yet, though it is definitely noteworthy. They brag the “best karaoke catalog in LA!” in their listing. They just might be right.

Tuesday, 5/11
The Mooney Suzuki @ Roxy
These guys were rock stars before they were rock stars if you know what I mean. Actually I don’t know what I mean, but they rock.

Kennedy/The Few/and more @ Silverlake Lounge

Wednesday, 5/12
Little Radio night @ Fais Do-Do featuring Silversun Pickups/Alaska!
Local pirate radio station Little Radio has started having shows every Wednesday at Fais Do-Do.

Division of Laura Lee/The Catheters @ Troubadour
D.O.L.L. has a lot of potential and seems to get better and better. Run Run Run is also on the bill.

Ambulance LTD @ Spaceland
Worth it. Tsar is also on this bill. I like Tsar.

French Kicks in-store performance @ Ameoba

Thursday, 5/13
Heather Duby in-store @ Sea Level Records

Friday, 5/14
The Housewarming party @ Mo and Mine’s
We’re having a party. If you didn’t get the invite, it’s probably because I don’t have your e-mail, you live far away, I haven’t sent yours out yet, or I’m just a moron. It was not intentional. E-mail me so I can send you the address. We’re also celebrating Courtney’s birthday, Jen moving, and a bunch of other stuff. Regardless, I’m kicking people out at 4am (or 5am… who am I kidding?) I’m not waking up again the day after my party to strangers still in my living room trying to pretend the sun didn’t come out and refilling their glasses.

Ben Kweller/The French Kicks/On the Speakers @ Henry Fonda
The only reason why you should be showing up late for the housewarming. And if that is the case, you need to bring Ben Kweller with you. Possibly the nicest, most polite boy ever.

Saturday, 5/15
Dennis Quaid and the Sharks @ The Canyon
Because Innerspace was a good movie.

Sunday, 5/16
Aren’t you supposed to rest on the seventh day?