Monday, May 03, 2004

On Tap

I’m back. I’ll do a proper write in a bit about the lost weekend in the desert, but first here’s this week’s to dos.

Monday, 5/3
The Stills in-store @ Tower Records in Sherman Oaks (8pm)
I actually still want to go to this though I know I shouldn’t since I’m working on 3 hours of sleep and don’t even have my bed set up in my new apartment. If you’re new, I adore The Stills. I might actually make an adult decision here though and just go home after work. I guess I’m maturing.

Tuesday, 5/4
Los Lonely Boys @ The Troubadour

Wednesday, 5/5
Happy Birthday to my Dad.

Muse @ The Mayan
Missed them at Coachella because I crapped out since I’m spoiled by seeing a lot of shows and not usually having endure 100 degree heat in the middle of a crowd of 50,000. My logic for missing them was knowing that this show is taking place and that I could just go then.

Golden Arms @ Spaceland
This my friend’s Mike’s band. He’s got impeccable taste in music, and no doubt will rock. Sea Change is headlining.

Danger Mouse @ The Henry Fonda
This guy is everywhere. He’s the newest “guy to get” to DJ parties. He performed at the URB party on Saturday night at Coachella. Stacy, Jess and I listened to him while trying in earnest to get our ride to leave since we were broken as people at that point.

Thursday, 5/6

Happy Birthday to my Bro.

Snow Patrol @ Troubadour
Nate is putting us on the list (that’s what you get for kidnapping people I guess). He’s going to regret it once we start screaming out things to him during his set just to embarrass him for our own personal enjoyment.

Actionslacks w/ Starflyer 59 @ Spaceland.
My friend Tim is in the Actionslacks, and they are fantastic. Starflyer 59 ain’t bad either. All and all, this is a good bill.

Mars Volta @ The Wiltern

Friday, 5/7
The Fall @ Spaceland

Snow Patrol instore @ Amoeba
Sadly, I will be in NJ during this. But DEFINTELY go if you didn’t get tickets to their Troubadour show. You won’t be disappointed.

Saturday, 5/8
Revlon Run/Walk for Cancer
Not too late to do!

Of Montreal @ The Echo
A Casey recommendation.

My best friend’s wedding (not the movie, but the actual wedding of my best friend)
I hope the bridesmaid dress still fits.

Sunday, 5/9
Mother’s Day.
Send your mom some flowers. She deserves it.