Monday, May 17, 2004

On Tap

I’ll get to the party later, until then, Scott has a few pics on his site from it.

Monday, 5/17
Ben Lee @ Spaceland
Holy crap I almost missed catching this. And it’s free!

Patrick Wolf in-store @ Amoeba

Last Tourist @ Small’s
This show is in Detroit.

Tuesday, 5/18
Res Screening @ The Egyptian
See what Scott GetOutLa and Casey TaleofTwoCities have to say about it.

Elf Power/The Few @ Spaceland

Wednesday, 5/19
Bob Schneider @ The Roxy
In his own little category of people big somewhere else (but not England… he’s from Texas), yet have repeatedly failed to cross over in other markets. See also: Robbie Williams, Stereophonics.

Golden Arms @ Silverlake Lounge

Helen Stellar @ Fais Do Do (Little Radio show)

Josh Rouse @ Largo

Paloalto @ Viper Room

Death from Above/Wires on Fire @ Spaceland

Thursday, 5/20
Sleater Kinney/Quasi @ El Rey
First of two nights.

Friday, 5/21
Death Cab for Cutie/+/- @ Wiltern
So. Much. Awesome.

Saturday, 5/22
Clinic @ Knitting Factory
I know I posted this show last month and was wrong. It’s actually this Saturday.

The Hard Place @ Spaceland

Sunday, 5/23
Cat Power @ Troubadour
This show is sold out, but Monday night’s is not yet. Go and heckle her. It will only make her stronger.

RJD2 @ El Rey