Wednesday, May 19, 2004

some news

Some awesome Billboard charting this week: Modest Mouse up 11 spots to #23, Franz Ferdinand up 42 spots to #65. Tell me blogs had nothing to do with this. Go on, tell me.

Kerry (John Kerry, not me) and Nader to meet. Kerry said he is not looking to talk anyone out of running for President, though he does intend on targeting Nader supporters with his campaign. I say skip all that and just choose Nader as his running mate. They would be unstoppable together. Though it would be risky since conservative democrats see Nader as a loose cannon, think about all the third-party voters Kerry would instantly swoop up. I doubt Nader would give up so easily on his own campaign however. Remember that Nader pot-lot in Jersey I posted about a few days back? If you are in the area, please go this Sunday and ask Ralphy why he and Johnny can’t just join forces. Oh, and if you could e-mail me his answer, that would be awesome. Thanks.

The Osbournes get their own ice cream flavors. Is this necessary?

Just heard on KXLU that some girl is accusing a security guard at the El Rey for beating her up and is planning on suing. I don’t know what this is about or if it is even true. If you do, e-mail me.

The NY Times discusses Tony Soprano’s dream in last Sunday’s episode. Though that episode annoyed me to no end for being so abstract, I’m glad at least somebody is talking about it. Why does no one care about the Soprano’s anymore?

At the bottom of this gossip piece that ran in Saturday’s LA Daily News reciting all of the celebrities who were at the various gaming parties for E3 they comment “Danger Mouse? Don't feel bad. We don't know who he is either.” And they call themselves journalists? Ever heard of research? Way to have your finger on the pulse LA Daily News.

In more penguin fun, try the bloody version.

And congratulations go to Cindy and Christian, who just had a baby girl named Riley Lynne Byrns.