Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Changing your template is the new pouring your beer over you head. Seems to me that Ultra started both of these trends.

McDonald’s reveals “adult happy meal,” which is a salad and some exercise tips. Sounds like a desperate act of a dying food chain reminiscent of Kentucky Fried Chicken only referring to itself as KFC ever since we learn that fried food isn’t good for you.

It’s weird to read a story on CNN that uses the word “pimps” repeatedly. Unfortunately, they aren’t referring to Snoop Dogg here, but instead an underage prostitution ring.

Sorry fellas, Kate Beckinsale is married. Even my gay friend Chris couldn’t shut up about how beautiful Kate is in Van Helsing.

Buzz Bands, probably the most readable part of the LA Times Calendar section, mentions Dios and Actionslacks. I’m late to catching this, but congrats Tim for getting some well deserved ink.

Snow Patrol’s live show is reviewed. Don’t worry if you missed them this time, they tell me they are coming back around September. I’m stocking up on Duct tape now.

50-Cent stops show when someone from the audience throws water at him. The man can take a few bullets, but not a little Evian? Success makes you soft I guess.