Tuesday, May 11, 2004

U.S. Rep. Pete Stark shows his lack of class by phoning up Staff Sgt. Dan Dow, a member of the National Guard, who faxed in a letter to show his disapproval of the legislator's recent vote against a resolution condemning the abuse of Iraqi prisoners. In this already infamous voicemail, Stark accused the Sgt. Dow of not being able to spell or write his own letter. No word yet on whether or not Stark mentioned if Dow’s mama is ugly as well. (Thanks to Brian for sending me this my way and making sure I stay on top of current events that include more than popstars and unknown british bands.)

And to elaborate on a bit mentioned this morning, Cathy is now obsessed with telling me that KFC now stands for Kitchen Fresh Chicken. I’ve yet to hear this new slogan for KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, but believe her nonetheless. Point is, Kitchen Fresh mean fresh out of the deep fryer. I ain’t buying it, Colonel.