Monday, May 17, 2004

Um, who were all those people?

The party was fun. Thanks for all 3 million of you for showing up.
Loved the drinks some of you brought: Country Club 40’s, Bahama Mama Breezers (the only drink that was left funnily enough), and boxed wine brought by the one and only Jess Blueprint which was taken from its box at one point and squeezed into various people’s mouths like a medicine bag. Yes, we were a classy bunch. Things overheard were “This is like a frat party with faux hawks,” and “It’s ok, they obviously can afford it,” said by a person having a food fight from the window in the living room on the 2nd floor onto our front lawn. That person is lucky that Mo and I didn’t see or hear him say that ourselves, otherwise he would have been thrown out of said second floor window.

We went on to enjoy the rest of our weekend by seeing Supersize Me. It’s a great documentary about a guy who eats nothing but McDonald’s for a month straight and proves how bad that crap actually is by suffering some serious health problems as a result. For some reason, I left the theater craving some McFries. You know you have a problem when you still want something even after finding out how bad it really is for you. Chicken McNuggets are even more disgusting to me now though.

Speaking of, I killed a squirrel on my way into work this morning. I still feel horrible about it. It was running across the street and I thought he was going to make it safely, but at the last second he turned and ran back towards my car. Then I heard a crunch and saw him in my review mirror. It was my first road kill.

And congrats go out to Sergio, who just completed law school. I’m so proud of you!