Friday, June 04, 2004

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Opening this Week

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Yup, I’m a Potter Person. I read the books, watch the movies, draw a scar on my forehead and attend secret meetings with other Harry Potter fans. Well, all except the last one.

And again, we have another weekend without anyone daring to release their movie the same weekend as an expectedly huge sequel aimed at kids. Now that everyone’s seen Shrek, will those same people go and see this, earning Potter $125 million in its first weekend? Yeah they will. What else are you going to do with kids? Read to them? That’s crazy talk.

Top of the Box
Shrek 2
If everyone’s already seen it, and now planning to take their kids to Harry Potter instead, how big of a drop will Shrek see at the box office this weekend?

The Day After Tomorrow
I’m really disappointed that this movie is so supposed to be so bad. I have a feeling I’m never going to see it, like I never saw Independence Day. I intend to, but never get around to it. And you see all the good parts in the trailer anyway, so what’s the point? Oh right, Jake Gyllenhaal. Ok, I’m there.

Hurry up and release Ocean’s 12.

Raising Helen
It’s the only chick flick out there.

Soul Plane
Going after the disposable incomes of those without disposable incomes.