Thursday, June 10, 2004

At the Movies ©

Driving home from work, if you can call sitting in grid-lock driving, I saw a homeless man actually stop and smell the roses. Maybe he was onto something.

Opening this week
The Chronicles of Riddick
A certain someone told me this was such a good movie, he wants to go back and see it again. I’ve decided to not hold it against him.

Garfield: The Movie
Don’t tell anyone, but I think the animated cat looks cute.

The Stepford Wives
Everyone already knows the big surprise--if you can call it that--so why bother?

Napoleon Dynamite (limited release)
Sundance favorite about an eccentric boy in Idaho, which has been constantly compared to Rushmore.

Top of the Box

Harry Potter and the…
Can not believe I still haven’t seen this. Some fan I am.

Shrek 2
I seem to like anything with a Scottish accent lately.

The Day After Tomorrow
That’s exactly when I intend on seeing this film.

Raising Helen
…to wear ugly footwear.

Pixar should do a spoof and call it Troy Story. That I’d go see.