Thursday, June 03, 2004

Forest Gump has got nothing on me.

Does anyone know of a place to play ping pong at in LA? My brother and I went to the dreaded Universal City Walk last night, hoping to find a table. We failed. We did find air hockey and free-throwing machines though, which is a close second, but not worth the 8 bucks it costs to park at that tourist trap. Someone help. I need to prove to my brother that I’m finally better than him at ping pong.

Afterwards, I watched Barry Manilow interview on TV. He said while having a heart attack, he thought about his fans and how he had to survive to bring them his “wonderful music” (his words, not mine). Then Velveeta gushed out of his ears.

Avril turns down Fred Durst. Let’s turn this into a SAT question, shall we? Avril turing down Durst is like _____ turning down ______.
a) A little boy turning down a stay at the Neverland Ranch.
b) Britney turning down actually singing live.
c) someone turning down a root canal.
d) Do we really still care about Fred Durst embarrassing himself? Yes. Yes we do.

New Helmet album coming out in September. Page is still on rough ground with me for putting out that crappy “best of.” Best of what? All the albums I already own? Come on Mr. Hamilton, you’re better than that.

Brian Bonsall, a.k.a Andy Keaton from Family Ties, was convicted of a DUI again this past weekend. Where did Steven and Elyse go wrong?