Monday, June 21, 2004

I feel, I feel…

Went to a screening of the Metallica documentary, Some Kind of Monster, last night thanks to the roomie Mo. It was showing as part of the LA Film Festival at the John Anson theater, which is an out-door venue just off of Mulholland Dr., tucked at the base of the Hills, and probably the most serene place to see a film ever.

The crowd was a mix of fans, film industry types in town for the festival, and celebs who all seemed to share a common curiosity about Metallica. Why did Jason Newsted leave? How crazy did things get for James to go to rehab for 6 months? And is Lars really an asswhole?

With reality television and documentary style programming being such a hit right now, this movie fits right into the mix, feeding out insatiable appetite for the story behind scenes. You see the band go through therapy and begin every sentence with the cliché “I feel,” while cringing and questioning if therapy will save this band or ruin it by taking away its bite.

Chuck Klosterman wrote a great piece about the film for the NY Times (thanks to that certain someone who sent this to me yesterday to preview the screening) which can hold you over until the film opens at the Arclight on July 16th. Go see it.