Tuesday, June 08, 2004

No judgment LA-style pool party

Morrissey has decided that Bush should have died instead of Regan. I’ve written paragraphs and paragraphs about what I think about this, but decided it was boring and who am I to say what is right and what is wrong? I’m hoping next time he is inspired to say something like that, he asks himself that same question.

NME proclaims that hysteria was took place at the Scissor Sisters’ show last night. And if by hysteria, they mean hundreds of hipsters showing up because they thought they should be there though they have never heard the music of the Scissor Sisters before, then they would be right. They are totally entertaining and good for what they do, but you must remember, they play disco music. Even when it’s good, it’s bad. Considering it was free, I would say it was worth every penny. They did have nice shiny costumes though. I had more fun after the show back at my place with some friends trying “to not be weird.”

Warner Brothers are trimming their roster. So far, Stereolab are among its causalities. News like this doesn’t make me sad, because then the indies pick up artists with name recognition, which means they make more money, and in turn the artists do as well since most indies work as a 50/50 split. Seems win-win to me. You just have to give up that cushy tour bus at first.