Monday, June 07, 2004

On Tap

Monday, 6/7
Scissor Sisters @ Spaceland
It’s free, so I would recommend going early to ensure you get in.

Tuesday, 6/8
The Stills/Sea Ray @ Henry Fonda
I still want to have The Stills’ babies. I think it’s about time I remind them.

The Standard @ Spaceland
GO SEE THIS SHOW. Seriously. They actually know how to play their instruments, and make beautiful lush rocking music. Plus, the guys are one of the most polite house guests I’ve ever had.

Danger Mouse @ The Viper Room

Wednesday, 6/9
Velvet Revolver @ Wiltern
The whole idea of this band sounds so calculated; it instantly becomes the opposite of rock.

The Fire Theft @ Troubadour
I loves me some Fire Theft. If you’re new, they are basically Sunny Day Real Estate. If you don’t know who they are, well, some might call them the godfathers of emo. I wouldn’t call them that though. That would be selling them short.

Thursday, 6/10
Sonic Youth @ Troubadour
If you’re one of the first 125 people to buy their new album at Amoeba when it comes out, you get a free ticket to this show.

Mission of Burma @ Henry Fonda
Do your homework and read this book so you will appreciate the importance of this show.

J Mascis @ House of Blues
He’s also in this book. I’d lend it out to all of you, but my brother stole it from me years ago and refuses to give it back.

Friday, 6/11
Vegas baby Vegas.

Saturday, 6/12
The Streets/Dizzee Rascal @ Wiltern
British rap night at the Wiltern!

Sunday, 6/13
The Smiths Convention @ Henry Fonda
Second day of the two day event. I’m not going to say anything snarky since I fear the Smiths fanatics, and happen to sit next to one now.