Monday, June 14, 2004

On Tap

If someone ever asked me what Vegas is like, I would say it is the kind of town where you can see a 70-year old woman hunched over a garbage can, waiting to throw up, and refusing to take the cigarette out of her mouth until the very last second.

Basically, it’s awesome.

Monday, 6/14

Modest Mouse on Jimmy Kimmel.
This was supposed to be on Friday, but I heard that it’s tonight instead. Not sure why. Too tired to find out.

Tuesday, 6/15
The Killers @ Tower on Sunset
In-store awesomeness.

Stellastarr* @ El Rey

Wednesday, 6/16
Whirlwind Heat @ Spaceland

Little Radio @ Fais Do Do
I’m going for the ping pong.

Thursday, 6/17
The Jealous Sound @ Troubadour
These guys have been on the road for what seems like forever. Go and welcome them home.

Friday, 6/18
Califone/Rebecca Gates @ Spaceland
This will be a solid show. Not sure if Rebecca will do any of her Spinanes stuff, but it’s worth going just to find out.

Saturday, 6/19
Harvey Danger @ Troubadour
I would have never realized how good this band really is if I didn’t ever live in Seattle and got to see them a few times before they went on hiatus. They blew me away every time. Don’t mess up. Go to this show.

Sunday, 6/20
Six Feet Under on HBO
HBO owns Sunday nights. Period.