Monday, June 28, 2004

On Tap

This weekend was emotional.

First things first, Jess left LA. Now I have to go to the bathroom alone.

Second, I saw two movies: Fahrenheit 9/11 and The Notebook. Fahrenheit was as good as everyone says it was. No one can deny that Michael Moore is one of the best documentary filmmakers of our time, but please, all you tree hugging hippies (which I consider myself one of), watch this film with a critical eye. Moore is showing an extremely one-sided version of the truth, and it is really important to get your information from more than one source. That said, run out and see it tonight.

And The Notebook was so good, I’m still crying as I write this. Ryan Gosling: call me.

Also attended the David Sedaris reading where he let smokers to the front of the line to get their books signed, well, because he could. He instructed those smokers that when a non-smoker approached them to borrow their pack of cigarettes to move to the front of the line to think about what that non-smoker would say to you if you tried to light up in their house. The answer would be no. Sedaris = funny.

Finally, I saw The Long Winters and The Decemberists, which was as fantastic. If you don’t already have any CDs from the Long Winters (shame on you) please click here and buy one. If you’re not familiar at all with either bands, well, frontman of the Long Winters John Rodderick brilliantly described the bill while on stage as Grad-Core. He later revealed to few friends and myself that he stole that line from Joe Pernice. Got to love a man who’s as honest as he is funny.

Monday, 6/28
Deadsy @ The Roxy
Cher and Greg Allman’s son rock out in a gothy yet preppy way.

M Doughty @ Troubadour
Lead singer of Soul Coughing goes it alone.

Tuesday, 6/29
The Ponys/Your Enemies Friends @ The Troubabour

Wednesday, 6/30
Simple Life 2 on Fox
For those of you who hate this show and think it’s a piece of garbage, you are taking life too seriously. Get over yourself. It’s funny.

Thursday, 7/1
Concrete Blonde instore @ Amoeba

Warped Tour @ Cal State Fullerton
You know a tour is successful when it’s been around long enough for you to out grow it.

Jonathan Rice @ Troubadour

Simon and Garfunkel @ Hollywood Bowl
Yeah, I like Simon and Garfunkel. What of it?

I am X @ Spaceland
Chris Corner of the Sneaker Pimps’ band.

Friday, 7/2
Skinny Puppy @ Henry Fonda
Industrial gods return for two nights.

Warped Tour @ Cal State Fullerton

Saturday, 7/3
Skinny Puppy @ Henry Fonda

Detroit Cobras @ Troubadour

Sunday, 7/4
Happy Fourth! Don’t blow your hands off or anything.