Friday, July 02, 2004

At the Movies ©

Opening this week
Spiderman 2
Saw it last night, and still trying to figure out if I liked it as much as I’m supposed to. It’s got great actions sequences and a good sense of humor, but I didn’t walk out thinking how amazing it was like I did after the first one.

The Clearing
Robert Redford, Willem Defoe star in a kidnapping story. (Do you still call it kidnapping even though Robert Redford is more of a senior citizen than a kid?)

DeLovely (limited release)
It’s a nice alternative and something different to see, but it’s no The Notebook.

Before Sunset
I tried to rent Before Sunrise last night with some friends so I could go see this sequel this weekend and understand what the big deal is. Everyone else in the city of Los Angeles had the same idea and beat me to every copy of it everywhere.

America’s Heart and Soul (limited)
“Filmmaker Louis Schwartzberg hits the road for portraits of unique American citizens and the country's natural beauty.” -

Top of the Box
Fahrenheit 9/11
Is it or is it not a documentary? But more importantly, how do you spell Lightning Bug?

White Chicks
Saw the Wayans Brothers on Jimmy Kimmel… it made me miss In Living Color.

We’re having a department picnic this afternoon and have scheduled a fierce game of Dodgeball as an activity. How awesome is that?

The Notebook
I loved this film. Gush.