Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Know Your Chicken

This isn’t why I went veggie, but man it makes it easier to keep it up when you find out about things like this.  In related news, Andre 3000 is the “World’s Sexist Vegetarian.” 
In Ann Arbor, MI a 21-year old man dressed as superman attacked some motorists.  Nice to know that people in the mid-west know how to bring a little entertainment when it comes to crime.
Michael Jackson is going to be the father of quadruplets.  If a bunch of us sat down in a room and tried to think of some of the worst ideas a man like Michael could do considering his current situation, I doubt anyone would be clever enough to think of having quadruplets.  Kudos to Michael for going the extra mile and never failing to disappoint with his bizarre antics.  Now someone stop this before he actually has them in his possession.
UPDATE:  Jackson denies this is true.
And in reactive verses proactive news, the European Union says it will keep a close eye on the music industry after approving the Sony-BMG merger