Monday, July 12, 2004

On Tap

I didn’t do the movie update on Friday because I was in Amish-land for a wedding. No, the people getting married weren’t Amish, but the groom is from the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania, somewhere next to the place that time forgot. Let’s just say it’s a good thing they decided to live in New Jersey and only have the wedding out there.

Monday, 7/12
Jonathan Rice @ Hotel Café
Get to see him here before he goes onto to bigger venues and you can’t get tickets.

Tuesday, 7/13
Res Screening @ Egyptian
One of these days I’ll actually go to this.

Michael Penn @ Largo

Wednesday, 7/14
Fight Club screening w/ CHUCK PALAHNIUK speaking beforehand @ Westwood's Majestic Crest Theatre.

Finn Brothers @ Avalon
Someone once put Neil Finn singing “Throw Your Arms Around Me” on a mix CD for me. It worked.

DKT/MC5 w/ Nebula/Bellrays @ Spaceland
Original MC5 members reunite and tour with rotating guest musicians. Someone said something about Evan Dando to me about this… we’ll see.

Thursday, 7/15
Finn Brothers @ Avalon

Josh Rouse @ Knitting Factory
He’s that dude that sang that song…

Paris,Texas/These Arms are Snakes @ The Echo

Whatevs arrives!

Friday, 7/16
Jurassic 5 @ Avalon
I like J5.

Mo’s B-day event.

Saturday, 7/17
Ladytron DJ set by Daniel Hunt @ Club Bang!

The Wrens @ Knitting Factory

Sunday, 7/18
Modest Mouse/The Walkmen @ Avalon
This show is also happening on Monday at the Wiltern.

Rooney @ Wiltern
Entertainment Weekly did a piece on the “new alternative rock” and kept calling it Seth Cohen rock. I officially hate that term, but if anyone is guilty of falling under that description it would be Rooney.