Thursday, August 12, 2004

Really old news

So I said I was going to give a recap of my first trip out to the great Mid-West, but this week has gotten away from me so I’m only getting to it now. At this point, if you know me, I’ve pretty much given you all the details which included getting laid over in Chicago, traveling around and in Detroit, seeing old friends, meeting new friends, and wishing someone a Happy Birthday. Basically, it was ridiculously fun. Thanks to everyone there for being so extremely nice and making it such a great weekend. I’m not sure that my publicist approved all those photos however.

And in more week-old-news, it’s finally been announced that Jess is the new editor of Gawker. Since she’s moved onto bigger and better things, which we know she will be great at, she’s left our little group of friends one girl short. So Craig, Robert, Randy and I will be holding auditions for a second girl. Must be funny, have unique uses for Tiffany pouches, like to heckle rock stars, and not mind watching a lot of zombie movies. Snarkiness a plus.

Speaking of Randy, he and Moss have totally become a nation-wide sensation with their Save Mary Kate t-shirts. Moss was on CNN yesterday, and Eonline did a feature on them. Hurry up and order one now before everyone has them and Urban Outfitters starts selling knock offs.

And now in non-name dropping blogger news:
New Kids on the Block to be featured on an up-coming episode of VH1’s Bands Reunited. The ten-year-old girl in me is very excited. (via Stereogum)

If you live in LA, today starts the Don’t Knock the Rock festival which is basically a weekend full of music movies and great shows. More info here.

And finally, how about a blind item?
Which indie rock band who is currently being courted by the majors met with Atlantic Records yesterday? If you have no idea, ask Seth Cohen.